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-- TruthSeeker (truthseeker@ seektruth.always), November 14, 1999


If you are a pollyanna check this real audio out. If you are a doomer and you want to re-enforce your beliefs that Y2K is for real, you too must listen. This is the biggest thing to come out on Y2K that I have EVER seen. BIGGER THAN THE NAVY REPORTS. : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

sharefin (Yikes!!! - email chatter) ID#284255: Copyright ) 1999 sharefin/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved Anyone interested may want to go to the following site: select "Radio Shows", then select "McAlveny Intelligence Report". If you don't have RealPlayer installed on your computer there's a free download at the site. Then listen to the "Y2K Endgame" portion which was put up at the site on Nov. 8th. If that doesn't wake you up to Y2K then nothing will. It covers the last symposium on Y2K in which most attendees were technicians and the presenters were from government agencies. Its bigger than they are telling everyone. If for no other reason, I was stunned to learn that at midnight on Dec. 31, approximately 200,000 computer viruses will be sent out over the internet to try and corrupt as much as possible of what's working. These viruses are originating from locations in Africa. The Govt. knows all about it but the mainstream media isn't reporting it--mostly on orders from Clinton so that a panic doesn't start. What about Jan. 1 when there's no water and sewer in NYC, and 8 million people are looking for the first working toilet in sight, or trying to find a bottle of spring water. And they think no panic will occur? It's gonna be a mess and IMO it won't be a flash in the pan for the PM's.

-- I Am No Longer A Polly (, November 12, 1999


Congratulations No Longer A Polly-Good post! Don McAlvany has a wonderful monthly newsletter. The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor is a monthly analysis of global economic, monetary, and geo-political trends which impact the gold and precious metals markets and is explicitly Christian, conservative,and free-market in its perspective.

I highly recommend his newsletter and web site.

-- (I Believe (Repent@time is, November 12, 1999.

The McAlveny Intelligence Report. Now, I will go to listen.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), November 12, 1999.

Yes I listened to that a few days ago,have already made a couple of copies

It is a keeper alright,a good one for giving to DGI friends/relatives

-- matt (, November 13, 1999.

Excellent... will pass it on... only problem is persuading entrenched DWGIs that these people are any more worth listening to than anyone else. Hearing it 'on the radio' rather than seeing it 'in print' on the Internet does seem to add a sense of credibility though...

-- Y2KGardener (, November 13, 1999.

-- Here again (here@itsi.again), November 14, 1999.

I Am No Longer A Polly,

Just keep reposting the RealAudio. It'll work! You can do it!!!

-- TruthSeeker (truthseeker@ seektruth.always), November 14, 1999.

Direct Real Audio link to Nov. 8th show: The Y2K Endgame

The Y2K Report with Gordon McDonald

McAlvaney Intelligence Report Archives

Audiocentral shows on Y2K

-- Linda (, November 15, 1999.

TruthSeeker (truthseeker@ seektruth.always),

Keeping the post "current" is done in Recent Answers by posters posting to the thread. Or re-posting, under "Ask A Question" as you did... for awhile.

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A TBY2K Sysop

-- Diane J. Squire (, November 15, 1999.

Sorry, messed up the direct link.

Nov. 8th McAlvaney Report on the Endgame (realaudio)

-- Linda (, November 15, 1999.

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