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Listen up everyone.

For your enlightenment and educational purposes ONLY.

We are all in this thing together whether we be Polly, Doomer (R), or Concerned Senior Citizen. Altogether too soon now that bone that is in contention between us will begin to be resolved to the satisfaction of none of us.

There is, however, another common enemy that we face, and one that we know for a fact does and will sting all of us regardless of our stance on 0h0h.

Please lay down your mouse and stop beating up on your keyboards long enough to read about this common foe which concerns all of us equally as well.


Lists several different Anti-Virus programs that are being made available free of charge for 90 days during the roll over period.

These will not cure the y2k bug, but they will help guard against some of the other bugs that are out there.

The cost is right anyway.

A big THANK YOU to each one of these companies, including Microsoft, for providing these products to us.

You may now return to your petty sniping attacks on each other, and to whichever one of your various assorted and sundry conspiracies that you may hold near and dear. Thank you.


-- sweetolebob (buffgun@hotmail.com), November 14, 1999


To the top.


-- sweetolebob (buffgun@hotmail.com), November 14, 1999.

Ms. Diane,

Please uncheck the "Response" button on this thing for me will you?

I screwethed up I fear. I just washed my hands and I can't do a thing with them.

Can we get Phil to default this thing to NO, rather than Yes?

Yeah, I know about the gift horses, and I can live with it as it is. I have a very strong Delete Button here too.

Thank you.


-- sweetolebob (buffgun@hotmail.com), November 14, 1999.


Thank goodness I have a Mac!

As to the Yes/No button, that's the one thing, in Phil's s/w that I can't find a way to reverse. (Maybe I need to read his "whole" book... groan!)


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), November 14, 1999.

Ms Diane,

That's OK, it's really not a problem.

I have an Industrial strength Delete Button on this computer which will serve the needs just as well.

Save your eyes for ferreting out the real news for us.

Thank you anyway though.


-- sweetolebob (buffgun@hotmail.com), November 14, 1999.

To the top for those who post from work. (g)

This is 9 anti-virus programs in any of 22 languages, so now is your chance to have some free insurance.


-- sweetolebob (buffgun@hotmail.com), November 15, 1999.

Thanks s.o.b. - I think,

These dadgame patches & updates are hogging up every scrap of hard drive space I've got left.

Rant mode off.

-- flora (***@__._), November 15, 1999.

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