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Casey- my name's Amy & i'm 16. has anyone ever told you how much you resemble ben. i'm a huge fan of both of you. i was bored and just wanted to ask a few querky ?'s [anyone else can answer if you know them: -fav. color -fav. movie [besides G.W.H.] -kind of music you like -boxers or breifs -do you prefer blondes/brunettes/red-heads -currently involved -actor you look up to [besides big bro] -fav. food thats about all. please answer if ya get some spare time. everyone else feel free to add any questions, but please be respectful. thanx casey, tell ben i love him as an actor as much as i love you, and i think you're both hotties

-- Amy Straussy (, November 14, 1999


you know what, thats a lot of questions to ask and if casey is a private kind of guy, he might want to keep those things to himself. i would prefer to ask him those questions myself , in person, and if that never happens, oh well, they will just have to remain unanswered.

-- cathy hawkins (, March 15, 2000.

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