Quality problems with PS Server and Roland FJ-50

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We are using PosterShop Pro Server. We have 2 plotters : Oci 5350 and Roland Hi-Fi FJ-50. When I try to print to Roland, both with Onyx and my profiles, the results I get are very poor. We are using CMYK+LcLm inks. Problems start with EPS and PS files coming from layout made in FreeHand, Illustrator etc. (mostly created on MAC). Images in layout print right but blends and solid colours are terrible, the single dots are really too much visible and rough. It looks like printed at 300dpi.I always get better results with Encad at 600dpi than with Roland at 1440dpi. When I print the same thing on Roland using ColorChoice the results are by long distance better. What shall I do to drive Roland at it

-- Anonymous, November 14, 1999


P.S. : if forgot to say that I'm using Dye (indoor) inks and NOT pigmented for Outdoor

-- Anonymous, November 14, 1999

There are a number of possible problems here. One is that the standard release of the Roland driver in PosterShop has no profiles for Dye based ink and so you may have colour and denisity problems. CHeck with your local dealer for profile updates or buy the profiler package to make your own profiles. Next problem might be that you are running ICC profiles, these work great for images but you may see odd effects for solid colours and blends particularly if they are yellow. The ICC profile will try to correct the colour of the yellow ink and will put "ugly" dots in the print. If you look in the profiles section when setting up the job you will notice that there are option buttons next to each profile option - in this case you would be sellecting CMYK Graphics, press the option button and you can then tick the yellow ink box (and the black) and this may solve your problem.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1999

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