Prof. Leon Kappelman --Aug. 30 InformationWeek article : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

Someone here may have noted this piece before -- I've no way to find out. It's in InformationWeek, dated August 30, 1999: More Y2K Risks To Ponder
"There are gaps in our knowledge of the real Y2K risks regarding electricity, transportation, chemicals, and water."

"Given the extraordinary efforts by some to put a happy spin on the situation, it's easy to miss things."

This is straight talk -- in a publication which describes itself this way:
"InformationWeek is a weekly magazine that combines the goals of business with technology to help you make the strategic decisions that affect your company's bottom line. Every week, InformationWeek delivers in-depth, mission-critical editorial that reinforces the strategic side of technology and the technical aspects of smart business. InformationWeek reaches more than 400,000 subscribers"

-- Tom Carey (, November 14, 1999
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