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Below is a link to a 1997 testimony by Brian G. Blair, Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institute.

In it, he explains the Russian nuclear agenda.
He also points out that while Russian missiles were "de-aimed" at the US, their original targeting remains in the launch codes.
After reading the posts from the nuclear articles below, read this one and you will see the precarious position we are in.

Brookings Institute

The next link is to Alamo Girls excellent archive of print articles indicating our nuclear status, and every attempt of the current adminstration to block, jeopardize, and disarm this country.

Destruction of America

-- Rainman (, November 14, 1999


IMHO the United States should be building its conventional forces based here in the USA.

If our enemies take it upon themselves to attack they will do so for material gain first and revenge secondary. They will/do want our wealth, and perhaps, the remainder of us to "work the plantation."

Build nuclear defense but don't fail to build HOME DEFENSE as in ground troops, regular, reserves and, yes, militia.

We will win this coming Battle (it's the same one as in WWI), (or should I say, He will win) but not on our own.

In the mean time...prepare!

-- Mark Hillyard (, November 14, 1999.

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