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The following article on chronic flood related stress is probably similar to what we may all experience should Y2K problems occur over a long period...

When Crisis Becomes Chronic

It is one of a series of articles at North Dakota State University on Coping with Floods

Dealing With Stress Resulting From Disasters

We experienced many of the emotions mentioned in the articles during the ice storm. The most frustrating thing I remember was the local radio stations stopping covering the problem after a couple of days when the city was retored. Living in the country, this left us without information, feeling ignored and abandoned for several days and some others for another 2 1/2 weeks. I expect the same during Y2K.

I suggest everyone read up on disaster stress, especially if you have children, so that you know what to expect and watch for.

If you have any suggestions for coping from personal exposure to disaster, please share them with everyone.

-- John (, November 14, 1999


There were two things I thought of during my preparations. In September I started a Journal to keep a record of y2k articles and my thoughts and feelings. Writing helps in many ways. And the second was to purchase a bagen or bayjen radio with short wave capability. I remembered during the Viet Nam war a lot of information was handled by ham operators. Some area might have power and these ham operators are very good about getting information out. It wasnt expensive and I believe it to be a good investment.

-- Susan Barrett (, November 14, 1999.

I have started "Get In Shape" type threads in the past, strongly advocating exercise as a way to not only prepare for the extra demands that Y2K may bring, but also to be able to handle the sudden shocks to your body that stress produces. With just a month and a half before the New Year begins, it is too late in my opinion to go from a sedentary lifestyle to even a moderate exercise program, without now worrying about additional complications, not to mention possible time management conflicts for those still preparing.

Still, a brisk daily walk of 20 minutes duration, coupled with very light stretching afterwards, can do wonders. It can be a real stress reliever under any circumstances.

47 days.

-- Jack (jsprat@eld.~net), November 14, 1999.

Jack: And I want to thank you for continually bringing that up. B/c of that, I HAVE been walking every day, very vigorously. When my daughter and I get home for the day during the week (she is in school and I am an 8th grade teacher), she gets out her bike and the game is that I have to try to keep up with her wherever she leads me. Of course, I can't. (Just one yr ago, she wasn't so good on that bike!) But in trying to keep up w/her, I am walking so fast and hard I break out into a sweat. And sheesh, the kid goes ALL OVER! On weekends, I get up early before the kid and hubby and take a sunrise walk, this one less strenuous, but I get to kind of commune with nature and do a little silent praying. VERY helpful.

As far as stress goes, I think it has already started for me. Maybe it is just Y2K fatigue. But I am so sick of prepping and worrying it isn't even funny. As a Christian, I am encouraged to give my worries to God, and I do, but then, there ya go, a whole fresh new crop of worry shows up right away. (sigh)

-- preparing (, November 14, 1999.

In times of extreme stress or panic---breathing is normally very,very,shallow. Dont forget to breath!!!! DEEP.

-- d.b. (, November 14, 1999.

Prepare for STRESS!?! I'm up to my eyeballs in stress right now! Some good tips...thanks

-- Mabel Dodge (, November 14, 1999.

Its a PROZAC moment... (POP)... (GULP)... Ahhhhh....

What stress??? (GRIN) (really stupid GRIN)

I think Ill go watch the TUBE.... (another really stupid GRIN)

Y2K??? There is a problem??? No need to worry.... I think I will go take a nap... (a really, really, stupid GRIN)


snoozin' through ANY calamity....

The dopey Dog

-- Dog (Desert, November 14, 1999.

Good links.

The problem with Y2K at this point is that anyone who attempts to work with their community is quickly branded a kook and someone to visit if things get bad.

After Y2K helping others will remain risky as well since it implies you have something they may want.

True crisis is not a pretty picture.

-- cgbg jr (, November 14, 1999.

Got firewood? Get a good ax and make kindling. Nothing like swinging an ax when you're stressed out.

-- Sam Mcgee (, November 14, 1999.

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