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I have a cannon T-90 when Im shooting with my 135(2.0)fd sometimes the shutter locks and it seems to ware my batteries.and then the arrow that points to the shooting modes flashes, to unlock it, I usaully have to move the aperture ring,then it works fine for a while.anyone have an idea what the problen can be.

-- Art Collins (, November 14, 1999


No idea.

Is this when the lens is set to A?

-- Terry Carraway (, November 15, 1999.

I think this has been described either in the service manual (or in another article which I had and sold). Maybe someone with enough literature could help?


-- VP (, November 17, 1999.

I bought Vessa-Pekka's manuals from him. Here's the scoop:

"Camera switches to error condition (EEE, no operation) or switches from high speed operation to low speed with the drive mode LCD arrow flashing. If the batteries are OK, the problem is normally caused by the lens; if the diaphragm operating ring isn't moving smoothly, it overloads the camera mechanism. Check to see if the the customer is using an off-brand lens (usually a tele) with a heavy diaphragm action. Reset the camera by removing and reinstalling the battery. The problem may also be caused by a defective shutter block"

One of my lenses actually caused 'help' to be displayed. Exchanging the lens solved the problem (a new lens that was sitting around for a while). I think the 135 needs to have the diaphragm mechanism cleaned and/or adjusted. It's a simple job as long as nothing is damaged.

-- Duane K. (, November 24, 1999.

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