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this is long and so let me givre you a preview, I am looking for any help in makeing vcd's from videos, FAQ's web sites, teh like.

Now teh full version: I am trying to make vcd's and am having a few problams. First teh hardware i am working with. I have a pIII 450 running at 518 w/128 ram and win 98. I have 4 gigs of free hd space to record an avi file to and 1.3 gigs or so on my other hd to put the compressed file after compression. for the capture i have an intel pc camera pro. this is a web cam that has a video in port on the back. i think i does around 20fps. I also have an asus v3800 video card that calims to have a 30fps caputre engine on it. do i have all of the equipement i need? I know i could use a bigger hd, but that is out of the question right now. I have made a few vcd's and they look ok, but i would like better. By the way, what kind of quality should i expcect?

the avi files were just over 1 gig for hour and a half films and i got that down to around 400 megs after i used a microsoft asf converter. am i doing this right. I tested teh asus capture card a few minutes ago and for 1.5 minutes of vidoe and audio, the file was 450 megs, this seems a bit large to me, any ideas? I am basically looking for any help you can offer. I am recording from vhs and tv. any help would be greatly appericated thanks

-- ari (, November 13, 1999


If you are keen on making VCD which can be read by stand alone VCD players, then you have to make strict white book compliant VCD files. If you don't mind making bits and pieces of video in AVI & convert to vcd mpeg, then it's ok using your present setup. But if you want ot make long continous 1/2 hr to 1 hr video, then you have to purchase a dedicated mpeg capture card.

-- (, April 04, 2000.

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