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Has anybody seen the film? What did you think? How did first-time director Kimberly Peirce handle her material? Any other comments? Recommendations?

-- Patrick Cleary (, November 13, 1999


All I can say is WOW when it comes to Kim Peirce and Boys Don't Cry.

Peirce's commitment to telling Brandon's story was readily apparent. She didn't make him out to be a freak or a stereotype. She made him as human as she knew how. My guess is that some of that was based on who Brandon Teena was; some, on Hilary Swank's dedication to her character; some Peirce's research to her material. For that, I respect her immeasurably.

The story reminded me of a Shakespearean tragedy. You knew from the get-go that it wasn't going to end well. Brandon's life deception was bound to catch up with him eventually, and I don't mean that in the "What did you think would happen, you weirdo?" sense. I guess what I'm trying to say (badly) is that as hard as it is at times to live your life based on honesty (to self and others) and integrity (ditto), it's the one thing in life we must do. History and literature are wrought with tales of folks who don't. And when you add being lesbian/gay/transgendered into the mix...oy...I feel so much for those who are afraid to come out.

I walked out of the theater in a state of shock because I was so moved by the telling of the tale. Bravo to Ms. Peirce for her work.

-- Gena (, June 01, 2000.

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