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Is there a way to re-map functions on Digitrax FX decoders? For example, the DH140FX has a special effect lighting output mapped to F2. Trouble is on the DT100, the F2 button is a non-latching switch designed for horns/whistles. I want to re-map this output to F3, for example. Its easy and well documented on the Soundtrax decoders, but I don't know about Digitrax.

Thanks; DPW

-- David Wakefield (, November 13, 1999


The remapping on the DH140 is limited to F0R to F4 for non directional lighting or any other reason one may come up with.

But also note, the DH140, like all current 4th generation Digitrax FX decoders, have 4 separate function generators, so there is really no one special effect for a given function. That is any FX, special effects, can be used on any function. There is only one exception that I know of to this, and that is the DH150 series, on these F3 is a non FX function so it can not be used with FX, but all other functions on this decoder can be.

It is also possible to lock the F2 function to latching on a use by use basis. That is press F2 and move a throttle or press SET while F2 is pressed. This will lock F2 on till it is used again.

What is the FX you want to use, I can give you the CV values to use it on one of the other functions if you like.

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-- Don Crano (, November 19, 1999.

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