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Just realized something today that I should have picked up on a few weeks ago:

Here in my Canadian city, a local big-box store is PHYSICALLY checking all 20-dollar bills for authenticity. They are doing this by rubbing some special kind of "pencil", perhaps fluorescent, across the bill. So, my question is, since we all source these bills from bank machines(VERY FEW of us withdraw money in person), what is up with this?

I would suggest that anyone who is considering withdrawing any cash from machines, spend at least one bill at random out of the batch you get out of the bank machines. At least you won't be caught off guard.

My personal opinion of banks is such that I wouldn't put it past them to put phonies into their bank machines--after all, here in Canada there are only the BIG 6. They are an oligopoly, and together they rake in BILLIONS thru usurious service charges, sanctioned by our wonderful, watchful, equally corrupt federal government.

Shakespeare was right about lawyers. Why was he silent about bankers?

-- profit of doom (, November 12, 1999


Read "Merchant of Venice."

-- Dr. Polymorph (, November 12, 1999.


Are you suggesting that bankers would somehow print up counterfeit money, and then pass them on to their customers via ATM machines???!!! And your proposed solution is to SPEND the bills at random ... to see if they get detected???!!! And if they did?... And if they didn't?... ????

In short: Are you nuts????!!!! Look, dude, if banks want to create money out of nothing -- which is OK for them to do, because they are banks, you see -- they will do it LEGALLY through the usual fiat money system antics. They are not about to literally go into ILLEGAL counterfeiting.

If you are that paranoid, get your own highlighter pen and check out your cash!

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), November 12, 1999.

Dear Profit of Doom:

Shakespeare had the genius to be a lawyer: because he was compassionate, he remained a worthy writer.

To bank or not to bank? In debt our trust will tank...

-- Randolph (, November 12, 1999.

King of Spain:

As zog posted earlier, it's best to forget about retaining greenbacks and better spending them NOW on tangibles before the imports are no longer available!

-- Randolph (, November 12, 1999.

My significant other is in the retail business, and yes they do use a certain type of marker to help determine the authenticity of money. Not everyone gets their money from an ATM machine. I don't now anyone in the banking industry, much it may be possible for a bogus 20 dollar bill to make it into the bank via a nighttime deposit from a company that does not check for false bills.

-- Lurking on the sidelines (Alw@ys, November 12, 1999.


.....It's ALL counterfeit! Paper isn't money! Can paper become what it promises to pay, (gold or silver), by removing the promise?! They've debauched the currency on a global scale! Real money can't be inflated/deflated as paper can, and that's why they hate it so.

-- Patrick (, November 13, 1999.

Who is THEY? And why would THEY want to do that?

-- Lurking on the sidelines (Alw@ys, November 13, 1999.

What kOs said.

-- Mara (, November 13, 1999.

You can purchase one of these pens through many of the variety stores. They are around $3.00 in this part of the country. They will only turn gold color if the bill is real, I guess.

I had one twenty dolar bill refused recently, which I had just acquired from the bank a day or two before. When the cashier said she couldn't take it, I rushed to another store, and picked out an uninterested kid to make my next purchase. Heck, I didn't print the damn thing, so why should I be penalaized for the banks policy of releasing unchecked bills the the public. If I took it back to the bank, they would simply confiscate it, no trade-in either.

Phony fiat,.... brother! Back to beads and shells! Or better yet, handshakes, your word, or an IOU. Wow, what were they thinking in those days?

-- Michael (, November 13, 1999.

Who is THEY? And why would THEY want to do that?

-- Lurking on the sidelines (Alw@ys, November 13, 1999.


....."They" are the international bankers, and fiat currency allows them to create inflation, which is a hidden tax on the populace. The federal reserve is the instrument which they use to facilitate this devious method of robbery. The horror will come home to roost though, there has never been a fiat currency in the history of the planet that has survived.

-- Patrick (, November 16, 1999.

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