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does anyone have any experience with the 24mm lense and how does it compare with the 21mms

-- Anonymous, November 12, 1999


Experience with a 24mm f2.8 lens.

I have a 24mm F2.8 lens made for the Konica camera by Vivitar. It is OK if you just want to a take quick snap shots of something to record it but are not interested in details and don't care about distortion. You can just turn it to infinity and stay at least 12 feet from your subject and you don't have to focus. It works best in bright light on clear days. I just returned from a Vacation to Northren Italy where I shot 17 rolls of film, most 36 exposures. I kept my FT-1 body loaded with ASA 100 and my TC loaded with ASA 800. I used two lenses a 57mm f1.2 and the 24mm f2.8. I would often find myself on a narrow street attempting to photograph a large building I would remove the 57mm lens and place the 24mm on my FT-1 so I could photgraph more of the building. This was a bad mistake! Most of the days were overcast. Somehow the 24 mm would catch the stray light caused by the overcast day and give me a gloomy, dull, fuzzy looking picture. There was not a single picture that I took with the 24mm lens that I'm proud of. There were a few that I took with the 57mm f 1.2 that were excellent. The combination of the ASA 800 film and the 24mm lens was a disaster. I don't know why? Maybe my TC was acting up or I made some unknown mistake. In defence of the 24mm I do remember taking some trick shots with it that were very comic. I took a picture of a very small man who was dating a large woman. I had him stand near me, place his hand palm up in front of him. I then Had the woman stand on the hill side behind his hand but back about 30 feet. The result was a picture that looked like the little man was holding the big woman, who was apperenty shrunk down to about four inchs tall, in the palm of his hand. He loved the picture but she hated it. Hope this helps.

-- Anonymous, November 23, 1999

24mm lense

thank you for your response, Craig

-- Anonymous, November 23, 1999

21 vs.24 Lens Cmparisons

I use the 21mm lens infrequently. I carried the 28/3.5 for may years, and it remains a favorite. I picked up a 24/2.8 from Greg Weber six or seven years ago, and it has since worked its way into my bag as my favorite wide angle. It offers greater coverage than the 28, and a little more is often all you need. I almost never find myself needing the 21 any more, and when I think I do, even it isn't enough. So I highly recommend the Hexanon 24, or the focal length in general. It's as sharp and contrasty as the 28/3.5, and that's saying a lot. As far as distortion is concerned, all wide angle's have some problem in this area, so use them accordingly. Don't look to make any friends if you shoot close-up portraits with a wide angle, but then why would you? Great lens!

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2000

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