With less than 50 day to go, I want to make this perfectly clear...

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1st. All of the DOOMER deadlines have pretty much came and went, and guess what...YOU WERE WRONG!

2nd. If we have any power outages due to solar flares, the DOOMERS are going to scream Y2K,Y2K, Y2K. Pathetic little spam stackers.

3rd. SYSOPS will be unemployed after New Years as volume in this forum will drop to less than 10.

4th. I can't stop fantasizing about Lisa dancing for me.

-- Delete Now (U'll_never@find.me), November 12, 1999


What if, in the best of all worlds, absolutely nothing happens. By the way, that first sentence was very hard to write. Then I have lost nothing at all. I have a much better grip on how I live in this world of ours and am prepared for the normal disasters that might befall us in this day and age. How about yourself. Betcha you can't say that. Now go off in your little corner again.

-- thomas saul (thomas.saul@yale.edu), November 12, 1999.

You know what is PERFECTLY CLEAR? What is perfectly clear is that NO ONE knows what is going to happen. Pointe Finale.

-- Neal (ehynowheynow@dontdreamitsover.com), November 12, 1999.

Came and went? Gee, what year is it? Have I been sleeping for 50 days?

They call it Y2K for a very good reason.

Tick... Tock... <:00=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), November 12, 1999.

"All of the DOOMER deadlines have pretty much came and went..."

No. They have come and gone.

Would you have more credibility if you could put an English sentence together w/o mangling the language? Probably not. But I had to point this out anyway, because...

-- I'm (the@grammar.lady), November 12, 1999.

5th. You'll be dead by the end of January and nobody will care.

-- (its@coming.soon), November 12, 1999.

Poor tramp soul is channeling Nixon now.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), November 12, 1999.

"If we have any power outages due to solar flares, the DOOMERS are going to scream Y2K,Y2K, Y2K. Pathetic little spam stackers."

Conversely, if we have power outages due to Y2K, the POWER COMPANIES are going to scream "SOLAR FLARES, SOLAR FLARES, SOLAR FLARES."

If we have computer crashes due to Y2K, the FBI is going to scream, "HACKERS, HACKERS, HACKERS."

If we have riots due to Y2K supply shortages, the FBI is going to scream, "RELIGIOUS FANATICS, TERRORISTS, FRINGE CULTS."

By the way, you sound somewhat angry at people who like to collect SPAM. Why is that? Last time I checked there was still plenty left for you!

Maybe you are angry because we represent a reality which you simply do not want to confront, eh? Yes, ANGER is a very good indication of DENIAL. A word of advice my friend... acknowledge your denial and have the courage to change, otherwise, sooner or later it WILL KILL you.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), November 12, 1999.


Does that echo you hear when you speak bother you?

Only, what is it a mere 49 days?

Ah, mon cher, for anyone who is alone, without God and without a master, the weight of days is dreadful. --Albert Camus

..(hitting the)...

-- snooze button (alarmclock_2000@yahoo.com), November 12, 1999.

Well there sre some "dead" lines still coming, how about Jan 1st and all the sh** that will happen in the first months of 2000?

-- me (me@santacruz.com), November 12, 1999.

So much drivel, DeleteNow, but your point four is worth pondering.

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), November 12, 1999.

I think it's@coming.soon was once an inhabitant of Jonestown that is looking to "relive some old memories".

-- (Doomers@suck. big time!!), November 12, 1999.

Uncle Deedah, shame on you ;-)


-- ********* (karlacalif@aol.com), November 12, 1999.

Sounds like you are an FBI plant. We see your tactics. Understand?

-- See you allways (cant@hide.com), November 12, 1999.

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