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Ok Gang. 51 +/- to go.

I don't know if Martial Law will be declared or not. On the off chance it may happen, travel at best might be restricted, if not banned all together. If this becomes the case, "Your papers, please." may take on a whole new meaning. In order to assist with this, I have decided to post one of my own preps that may or may not help. I disavow any use of these for anything except educational reasons. If you feel the risk is worth it enough, these may help.

the first is the .Mil site containing ALL of the Department of Defence Forms as E forms. You needs Adobe PDF to view them. Here is the link:(For Educational Purposes Only) The other is The site containing all Department of the Army or DA forms. Here is the link:" these links may or may not work (first hyperlink attempt.) Printing the correct forms and having them may provide some help for those "caught behind the lines"

Best of luck!

-- Don't wanna (say@this.time), November 11, 1999


I have a passport as reserve ID.

-- Paula (, November 11, 1999.

I always have my AARP, Medicare, and AAA cards on my person plus Am Express travelers checks....never leave home without them.

Oh yeah...and Blockbuster!

-- tc (, November 11, 1999.


Interesting line of thought. Personally, I don't think it will get this bad, but lets talk contingencies. I don't think urban and suburban refugees will be able to talk themselves past the military, if it comes to that. Elude and evade and back roads might be an option in that scenario.

More possible in my mind is the possibility that small towns may band together to turn away refugees. Didn't Okies have similar problems during the Depression? If your bugout site is any distance away and you are willing to think about vigilante roadblocks, you might just design your own papers.

One example that occurred to me: If you think you will be fleeing (in this scenario) to a friend's or relative's, ask them to write and mail to you a letter of passage. Get them to photocopy it with a copy of their driver's license (maybe with the exact street address blacked out). By demonstrating you have a concrete destination and a plan, you might talk your way past some scared farmers.

Plan probably has a lot of holes in it...critiques are welcome.

Best to all,

-- William in Dallas (, November 11, 1999.

Nice link, interesting to say the least. I think that the post is more on the lines of attempting to B.S. one's way through the potential 'military roadblocks' if such a thing happens. You'd probably need to forge the right type of travel orders and other docs, but hey...if its that bad, I'll probably be moving out on the hoof.

-- Billy Boy (, November 11, 1999.

A very similar situation occurs in John Christopher's novel, No Blade of Grass. The plot begins with a biowarfare virus which mutates after its accidental release. It destroys all Graminaceae. Nothing can be found to stop its spread. Within a couple of years wheat, oats, barley, corn, all cereals, all grasses have disappeared.

Starvation is imminent in the large cities. Military roadblocks are established to block mass flight from the cities. A small group of farsighted people make their way from London to a relative's farm in Scotland. They make it through the blockade at some cost. Outside the large cities the situation is anarchic, posing other problems. Even after they reach the farm, their difficulties continue. It's quite a book. Long out of print, of course.

-- Tom Carey (, November 12, 1999.

i have mentally weighed this scenario for many years.. the military, police, civilians blocking an exodus from the cities. i can understand the farmers, vigilantes and small town inhabitants blocking ingress points to their areas but i cannot fathom the military or police giving a damn whether or not people left the big cities. is it anticipated that the mil/police/politicians will fell compelled to keep people in the cities to represent some semblane of normalcy, control or what. they certainly don't give a damn about the welfare of the people in the country and in small towns. early evacuation plans associated with nuclear war have always leaned toward "relocation" of the masses of the big cities prior to attack. this was given up as the task was too large.

someone tell me what would motivate the authorities to try to restrict movement to the country. (other than maintaining the semblance of normalcy or blocking the highways)

-- clayton (, November 12, 1999.

am i missing something? i sure don't want the 1.5 (or whatever the number is) million inhabitants of washington dc who have chosen to do nothing leaving the city? stay where you are people and let the govt, charitable organizations, etc. come to you with help.

first of all when there are many people leaving their homes, businesses, etc. behind in the city, doesn't that create more potential for looting, arson, vandalism, etc. from those that stay behind?

it also means that these people have to go somewhere--which likely means yours and my back yard looking for a place to land? then they will need shelter, food, water, etc. they can't work if they are somewhere else (assuming there might be some kind of work). plus i am sure there are larger issues relating to the whole refugee thing or control of the population with mass exoduses.

-- tt (, November 12, 1999.

Aside from stopping vast hoardes of hungry people from reaching the farms and small towns, what if..?

What if the government knew that an air-borne version of Ebola or some other really nasty little germ was in the hands of a bunch of nuts? Wouldn't if follow that there was a very good chance it might be loosed around 1/1/00? Wouldn't a large city be the most likely target?

If in a group of 120 people it was suspected that one was carrying a very deadly, highly contagious disease wouldn't it be common sense to isolate those 120 people until a determination could be made one way or the other?

Could the idea of isolating 120 cities be the end result of trying to make sure that any damage done by bio-terrorist during the roll-over will not be spread across the entire country?

But that would mean the national guard or anyone else in uniform blockading roads would actually be trying to help us. Would be our friends.

Could it be..... nahh. Darned paranoid thinking again. But, does anyone know if extremist and Ebolia (or fact simile) are Y2K compliant? Just a thought.

But that would

-- thomas thatcher (, November 12, 1999.

...hate to say it, but once travel restrictions are in place, the guard or whomever won't be needed to enforce them. country people are NOT going to let hordes of hungry city folks just tramp willy nilly around their farms and homesites. they have too much invested, and they have a clearer view of what is "reality' than most townies--not stepping on toes, but folks who are already out recognize the dangers of city life clearer, and the advantages of country life. money isn't as important as rural quality of life to them. like the tradeoffs of having a well and big garden are better than being only a few miles from the ballet, fer instance. they don't see the tradeoffs of urban living as being worth it. and, i imagine, they will be quite prepared to use whatever force is required to keep "you" city folks away from "them". that's why i keep recommending that anyone who thinks it will be a 5 or above to GET OUT NOW. get your license plates changed to reflect the rural county where you are going. get your ID for that area, etc. Private roadblocks might very well be a reality. private bulldozers will probably be used to block off dirt roads and the small one lane blacktop roads. this is freekin REAL. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN DO IT EASILY. In 68 riots in detroit, my little few block area was blockaded by private armed citizens, and we didn't have no steenking rioters. other areas were torched, looted, shot up, and some rather nasty stuff happened to folks caught out in it. it's reality. there is NO AMOUNT of money you can possibly be making that will insure your safety in the cities. the chance you are taking by staying, or planning on staying to the last minute is POTENTIALLY LIFE OR PAINFUL DEATH. Mobs of people just don't care--if you got and they want, they'll take it, and use you and yours for sadistic "sport". anyone remember little winnie mandella and her wonderful "necklaces"? that's a gruesome taste of reality. I've been in 3 riots in my life, believe me, YOU DON'T WANT TO BE THERE. No water-dangerous to be there-weird city gas pressure-you really don't want to be there, as in el-kaboomsville-blackouts and brownout-you don't want to be there-telecommunications out-you don't want to be there--wait until the last minute and get stuck in the evacuation traffic jams like this summer with hurricane floyd and GUESS WHAT-you WILL be stuck there in town. Gee zog, why be so subtle? OK-I won't--GET THE HECK OUT NOW, MOVE YOUR STUFF TO A RURAL AREA OR FRIENDS FARM OR A PRIVATE CAMPGROUND OR SOMETHING, GET ESTABLISHED, MAKE A FEW FRIENDS, HELP OUT YOUR NEIGHBORS--you got a month and a half to make nicey nice in a rural area, make the most of it.......

zog the warner

-- zog (, November 12, 1999.

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