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Moved to Poulsbo WA for many reasons, Y2K being one. At this late date my wife and I are tired of being the only people we know who think preparedness isn't crazy. Anybody else out there? 50 days (26 working days) to go and we don't see a hint of rational awareness. The solution to a problem is designed by how severe the consequences are perceived. If it is no big deal then the solution is no big deal. We are surrounded by folks who believe "No Big Deal" and are doing nothing or next to nothing. Is it too late to shout or should we just mutter: "look out, beware, oops."

-- Fractal (, November 11, 1999


Huh?? I remember reading an article last year about the people of Poulsbo getting together as a community re y2k and how wonderful it was to now know your neighbor, etc. I am quite sure it was Poulsbo, but maybe it was Whidby Island. At least you are in a good area and I would think a pretty safe area. I can't imagine any riots in that little town and the sea food is at your door, along with all the wood you can cut and the hunting is good in the area. I am in Florida now and you couldn't pay me to go back to that climate. However, that doesn't prevent me from missing the region and its beauty and its resources. Hang in there...we are all getting sick and tired of y2k and getting burnt out, burnt up and nervous. Won't be long. Furthermore, y2k or not, most of the forum would trade places with you if they could but see Poulsbo. So think you made a good choice. Taz

-- Taz (, November 11, 1999.

Poulsbo's nice, except it's ground zero because of its nuclear sub base.

And, Taz, it was Whitbey Island that had that Y2K community thing goin' on. 'Course, that makes it ground zero for confiscation of preps!


-- the Great Northwest (lifeain', November 11, 1999.

'Y2k' is a four letter word in Maine. Apathy is a religion that is gaining members daily.

On the other hand, I've got drinking water in barrels in my basement. I, therefore, am a right wing wacko, extremist doomsayer who believes the world is coming to an end. I might also as well be a racist anti-semite. Should of never got those barrels...

-- Mark (, November 11, 1999.

We're out in Sultan. Pretty quiet here. GTE guy across the street told me last year he didn't think there would be any problems. Snohomish PUD guy told me last year that they get 80% of their power from BPA. If BPA goes down, they go down. (Anyone know the real story on BPA?) They can't island themselves. Just trying to stay dry right now... and looking at the standing water in the garden areas from all our rain the past 2 days. Gotta do raised beds next year...

We know 3 couples who had babies this past Fall. Another is due next March.... we don't know of any friends who are preparing... and they all live in the city of Seattle.

I think Whidbey Island and Vashon Island have a more active y2k prep group.


-- Kathryn (, November 11, 1999.

Will we be able to get lutefisk after rollover? Will we want to? Will we roll over after eating the lutefisk? Uff da!

I'd keep a low profile at this late date. If people can't already see what might be coming, I don't know how you're likely to convince them. Maybe the NBC movie will help. Anyway, other than the sub situation, Poulsbo's a pretty nice place to be.

-- Don (, November 11, 1999.

When I was visiting Port Townsend early this year, I remember seeing some posters for a Y2K group meeting. Don't know if the group is still active or how many people were involved, but it sounded like they were scheduling meetings with the utilities people and town government. That's the only place on the west side of the Sound that I noticed any public activity.

We're on the Eastside, hoping for the best...

-- Don (, November 11, 1999.

Uncle Sam obviously is trying to control The Day Before The Storm People. It would not be "awareness" or "prepardness" in activation at this last stage, but would in fact be the Day Before The Storm People.

I'm sorry but it sure looks like you and your wife will have to brave this alone. No one said being of the 1-3% would be easy. I'd think it a good time to lay low on the subject. Wait, watch, be alert, and whatever you don't run out to be "helpful" when and if The Day Before The Storm People activate. They become violent quickly to say the least when they're looking out for ole number one.

I'd advise people to quietly putter. Sort of return to the past daily life and pursuits, pick up where one left off, and forge ahead modestly because the two train tracks will meet each other again. For instance, I had done what I've never done before which is to put off cat vaccinations as I just couldn't do both prepardness and vaccinations for 10 cats at the same time (5 being two kitten litters from a feral colony and my 5 adults all came due at the same time.), and started picking up the pieces yesterday, and those two paths will meet since it would be wise to be up on all animal vaccinations for possible medication shortages etc. There is no sense of urgency, it will unfold slowly as I catch up, it isn't for "Y2K" and all doesn't have to be completed by any time period or date. I've four of the five kittens left to have tested for Leukemia/FIP which is 26 each and doesn't include any vaccinations. Ouch. Then because I am late each cat must go through the vaccinations "And again in two weeks" syndrome. I've done ones first series, and am starting a second tomorrow. This hurts, oh yeah, I'm suffering, eek!

Beware what you put off to do "later."

-- Paula (, November 11, 1999.


-- Jay Urban (, November 11, 1999.

Hi Fractal - You are not alone here in the beautiful PNW, I am in Skagit Co. Only know 1 other family locally preparing. No serious Y2K word here, but the County Offices have a brand new Genset hooked up to the county buildings and courthouse. Never a word in the paper about this very large expense, nor any word from the commissioners. Just watchin' what they do, not what they say. Email is real, just remove the x if you want someone to share local Y2K stuff.

-- Sammie Davis (, November 12, 1999.


Thanks for the response. I'm puzzled tho.

Could you explain further?

>Email is real, just remove the x if you want someone to share local Y2K stuff.

I don't know what that means.

-- Fractal (, November 12, 1999.


You post some wise and useful things. Just read another one, above. I wholly agree w/ you on the twin notions of laying low and puttering. I would add praying, which is something I'm trying to learn properly. There is something truly redemptive in simple physical work.

-- silver ion (myn@mesthesame.asyours), November 12, 1999.

Fractal - the X is there to fool email harvesters, stop spam.

Poulsbo is pretty good. Kitsap is a real GI county, the people running the emergency stuff (Phyllis Mann) really understand Y2k. Plus you have earthquake danger, and that helps wake people up.

-- bw (home@puget.sound), November 12, 1999.

Fractal - go check out Central Market, particularly the big cans of freeze dried food near the door. They also carried MREs a while back. They GI, and you aren't the only one buying stuff like that.

-- bw (home@puget.sound), November 12, 1999.

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