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The more prepared and the less prepared states, according to a survey by the National Association of State Information Resource Executives Inc....

-- Linkmeister (, November 11, 1999


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MIAMI, Nov. 10 (Reuters) - The following list highlights results of an online survey of states' Y2K remediation progress, which is being conducted by the National Association of State Information Resource Executives Inc.

NASIRE represents state chief information officers and information resource executives and managers from the 50 states, six U.S. territories and the District of Columbia.

Survey information is provided by state information technology officers. The full survey appears on http://w

The Worst

State % mission critical systems last updated

that are compliant

    1.  Alabama*             52%                     11/8/99
    2.  Oklahoma             75%                     3/11/99
    3.  Puerto Rico          76%                     10/6/99
    4.  New Mexico           81%                     11/2/99
    5.  Wyoming              85%                     10/4/99
    6.  Georgia              88%                    10/28/99
    7.  Idaho                90%                     6/23/99
        Mississippi          90%                     7/22/99
        New Hampshire        90%                    10/29/99
        Rhode Island         90%                     7/29/99
        Utah                 90%                     9/20/99

The Best

State % mission critical systems last updated

that are compliant

    1. Hawaii               100%                   10/07/99
       Indiana              100%                   10/29/99
       Iowa                 100%                    8/27/99
       Michigan             100%                   10/12/99
       Nebraska             100%                    10/4/99
       New York             100%                    11/9/99
       North Dakota         100%                     5/6/99
    2. Florida              99%                     11/5/99
       Kentucky             99%                    10/18/99
       New Jersey           99%                     11/9/99
       South Dakota         99%                     11/1/99
       Texas                99%                    10/21/99
       Virginia             99%                    10/21/99
       Washington           99%                     11/9/99


State % mission critical systems last updated

that are compliant

    Alabama              52%                      11/8/99
    Alaska               91%                     10/28/99
    Arizona              97%                     10/29/99
    Arkansas             N/A                      11/3/99
    California           98%                      10/1/99
    Colorado             98%                     10/27/99
    Connecticut          95%                     10/18/99
    District of
    Columbia             N/A                      4/27/99
    Delaware             92%                     10/26/99
    Florida              99%                      11/5/99
    Georgia              88%                     10/28/99
    Guam                 N/A                          N/A
    Hawaii               100%                    10/07/99
    Idaho                90%                      6/23/99
    Illinois             98%                     10/21/99
    Indiana              100%                    10/29/99
    Iowa                 100%                     8/27/99
    Kansas               98%                      11/1/99
    Kentucky             99%                     10/18/99
    Louisiana            96%                     10/19/99
    Maine                95%                      10/4/99
    Maryland             97%                     10/19/99
    Massachusetts        97%                     10/18/99
    Michigan             100%                    10/12/99
    Minnesota            97%                      8/19/99
    Mississippi          90%                      7/22/99
    Missouri             92%                     10/15/99
    Montana              91%                      11/1/99
    Nebraska             100%                     10/4/99
    Nevada               97%                     10/26/99
    New Hampshire        90%                     10/29/99
    New Jersey           99%                      11/9/99
    New Mexico           81%                      11/2/99
    New York             100%                     11/9/99
    North Carolina       95%                     10/20/99
    North Dakota         100%                      5/6/99
    Ohio                 96%                     10/29/99
    Oklahoma             75%                      3/11/99
    Pennsylvania         99%                      9/30/99
    Puerto Rico          76%                      10/6/99
    Rhode Island         90%                      7/29/99
    South Carolina       95%                      10/1/99
    South Dakota         99%                      11/1/99
    Tennessee            97%                      11/9/99
    Texas                99%                     10/21/99
    Utah                 90%                      9/20/99
    Vermont              96%                      9/30/99
    Virginia             99%                     10/21/99
    Washington           99%                      11/9/99
    West Virginia        95%                      9/30/99
    Wisconsin            94%                     10/28/99
    Wyoming              85%                      10/4/99

* Of U.S. states and territories reporting. Compliance information was not supplied by Arkansas, the District of Columbia and Guam.


-- Linkmeister (, November 11, 1999.

I have called reporters several times to point out that our state's self-labeled "critical systems" are shown as not compliant on the state's own website.

One reporter said later she had checked it out but didn't see anything that would effect the regular citizen.

Non-compliant as of November? Business Income Tax, Treasurer's Receipts, Accounts Receivable!!! I think she was looking for a big red sign that says, "Oh my God we can't fix it! . . . It's coming! . . . "

The state Emergency guy told a big meeting that the implication of other nations not being compliant might be no bananas on the shelves, which he could live without I went to another such meeting (there were eight) and asked why bananas and he mentioned we might have a problem with oil. I mentioned this to an editor and she didn't see anything wrong with it. What about Dollar General employees with nothing to stock and sell? And oil?? Do you think they don't get the C O N N E C T I O N S?

-- Becky (, November 11, 1999.

Last summer I interviewed Renea Austin, Louisiana's Y2K Director, for a magazine story I was writing. I asked her point blank if the state would alert the citizens if the state saw a real Y2K problem. Her reply, word for word, "We have no intention of telling anyone about any Y2K problems. Period" Think about that comment for a minute. This woman knew before she spoke that there was a strong chance her words would appear in public. She simply did not care. I can promise you that there is not one shred of truth in any report about Y2K from Louisiana.

On top of that, I wouldn't believe a damn thing any state offical said about Y2K. Despite popular opinion, all the liars in America do not live in Louisiana.

Big Easy

-- Big Easy (, November 11, 1999.

State % mission critical systems last updated that are compliant

(Selected low-lights)

Arkansas N/A 11/3/99 District of Columbia N/A 4/27/99 Guam N/A N/A

These are the only 3 N/A's on the list.

-- Lewis (, November 11, 1999.

Big Easy:

I live in Louisiana - a suburb of New Orleans specifically. I'm not at all surprised at what you posted. We are surrounded by chemical plants along the Mississippi River, and Waterford III Nuclear Plant is across the river and maybe 15 miles away. Needless to say, we have a bug-out plan. Hope you do too if you're around this area. But on a lighter note, Clinton said everything is okay, and if Clinton said it, it must be true!

-- Scarlett (, November 11, 1999.

I'll give you an example of the lying going on by the states. Go to Nasire's website and look at the state of NY. They do indeed claim 100% compliance. But they have a disclaimer at the bottom that states that out of the "mission critical" systems, out of the "top 40", out of the ones that affect public health and safety, these are the ones that are 100% compliant!! Don't trust them.

-- James Chancellor, PE (, November 11, 1999.

You people living in New Orleans, La, WAKE UP. If you are not being told the truth and the pumps in your area fail, you will be UNDER WATER. Curly told me that the water could be 10 feet deep or deeper if the embedded systems fail, the pumps do not work, there are disruptions in the electric supply that powers the pumps etc. etc. etc. Are you willing to risk it? At least have a boat available if you have to move quick.

-- Moe (Moe@3stooges.gom), November 11, 1999.

Florida's not correct either vehiclar license bureaus loss of data teachers in Orange County without paychecks for over 8 weeks. Those paid were errors County still working on it. Please its hype at its finest and I am sure it it abounds everywhere

-- Susan Barrett (, November 13, 1999.

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