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To the fans....I had the opportunity to be an extra a couple of weeks ago for a movie Casey's in called "Soul Survivors" that's filming in Chicago. Casey came up and talked with three of us extras while they were setting up a shot; we only talked for a couple minutes, so I don't know him extensively or anything. I just wanted to let everyone know that Casey seemed fairly reserved, extremely cool, and genuine beyond my expectations.

To Casey....At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark card, thank you for being the way you were on the set. I was beginning to think that I was going to have to be a giddy, annoying bitch to get anywhere in the entertainment proved me wrong. Our two minute conversation meant a lot more to me than you probably realized, so thank you. How'd you like Chicago?

-- Kelly Mason (, November 11, 1999


hey, the truth is that i spoke to you because i wanted to get my dick sucked., you aren't all that good looking, and i figured you would give good head because you were missing so many teeth. anyway, good luck, i bet you wioll get ahead in our industry on your back or your knees. Also, chuicago sux!!

-- caseman (, December 02, 1999.

In reply to Chicago loves Casey, I'm a Casey fan from Chicago too! If only I knew! Thankyou for writing an intelligent comment and I hope to hear from you soon. Also, to that imbecilic remark written by some sleazeball who only wishes they could at least be a has been cheap whore, Fuck Off. And learn how to spell

-- Naia (, December 13, 1999.

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