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I would like to start from the very beginning. I bought Philips DVD 750 last week. I would like watch some VCD with it also.

I have downloaded and get fron friend some mpeg's and I would like to make them as VCD:s. However whebn I tried to make mpeg to function as VCD with my Adaptec, it said in the beginning that file was wrong type. Xing gives folowing info about it (MPEG1, 352x240,29,97 frames /sec) What I need to do to it? Should I use some program to convert it to valid mpeg first?

Other thing is that I have succeeded also. Some VCD:s play fine, nut I am not able to fast forward or rewind them with DVD. Is this lack of my DVD player? And one thing. Some VCD's start right, but the picture and sounds will 'hang'. Player may play few frames right, but then it hangs for a while, plays little again etc. What causes that then?

There have been many questions. If somebody can answer at least few of them I am very thankfull. And I am sure that I am not the only on...

-- Pekka Lillstrang (, November 11, 1999


I had same problem with Adaptec... and no problem at all time with VideoPack4 on the same mpeg files.

-- L.W (, November 11, 1999.

Size and frame rate are only a part of the game... usually VCD mpegs have also 1150 kbps video and 224 kbps audio streaming. Using EasyCD i found that I've made a lot of this encoding errors before finding the right way. Some other burners are more forgiving (Nero, WinOnCD) but more limited. VideoPack works fine but to exploit it's better features (like Entry Points) it's another story. I think also that the hacked versions of VideoPack you can find on the net are missing of something (at least a good support)... (VideoPack is quoted about 990 US$ on the market). I've found also that if you use menus on EasyCD than the FFWD and RWD doesn't work. Good work Brambus

-- Brambus (, November 13, 1999.

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