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Will we learn more?

-- Truth (at@the.ready), November 10, 1999


I just watched it.

It finished with the obligatory reference to 'militia groups and conspiracy theorists', but - apart from appearing to convey the impression that David Koresh was more at fault than the government or survivors for everything that happened [I guess that would include the defective warrant, the unwarranted assault, the helicopter-borne machine gun fire, the 90 deaths of men, women and children, his own wounding as he stood in the doorway trying to forestall the barbaric assault as it was being launched, the use of armoured vehicles, the CS gas, the fire, the scouring of the area and removal of all evidence after the buildings were demolished, and the concreting of the site], it appeared to be surprisingly even-handed....

-- John Whitley (jwhitley@inforamp.net), November 10, 1999.

Klinton knows....Reno blows.

-- Monica (I'm@zippergate.way), November 11, 1999.

The one who was 8 months pregnant her body in a last desprate reflex birthed the baby spontaneously. Think of that child thrown into the heat and smoke and cyanide fumes caused by your "harmless" gas burning. Hey it was so much more efficent than the Nazis. You cyanide gassed and cremated them at the same time. It reminds me of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. But at least they put up some kind of fight, and didn't die like bleating sheep going to the slaughter. The Branch Davidians have existed since 1934. Their bad choice of leadership in that child molesting scumbag Vernon Howell (aka Davaid Koresh) isn't an excuse for their murder. If I exposed your children to CS gas for 6 minutes, let alone 6 hours they'd be half dead. We signed the Paris Protocals to the Geneva Convention that doesn't allow us to use CS on an enemy in war time. It's all right to use it on old people and children. They're just a bunch of "cultists". Knda like another strange group from the past. We called them Pilgrams. When the goverment who did this stands up and takes responsibility for playing music and strange sounds and shining lights on Mt. Carmal Center all night to help a mentally unstable leader in his decision making and drove tanks thru their walls and shot teargas canisters in their windows while shouting over a loud speaker "This is not an attack" then maybe I can start to trust them. Not before I have only two words for the government and all you gun hating folks out there in the world who think you can force us to unilaterally disarm. You think your good enough and strong enough to crush us. I and everyone like me say, "MORE WEIGHT!"

-- 6M (a@a.com), November 11, 1999.


-- clayton (ratchetass@hotmail.com), November 11, 1999.

Truth; What that show didn't explain is the connection between WACO and the Fed Building bombing in OKlahoma City. Because OK city office was the nearest DEA / FBI office where else would you get rid of the real truth concerning the WACO standoff ???

-- Furie (furieart@dnet.net), November 12, 1999.


I was disappointed that the A&E presentation did not offer more information that was not already on the table. Sounds like you are suggesting that the OK City bombing was done to cover-up information regarding the Waco incident. Who would have done this? FYI, the feds have a large operation out of Dallas and that is a lot closer to Waco last time I looked. So I guess my question to you is: What da f**k are you talking about?

-- Truth (at@the.ready), November 12, 1999.

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