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Back when I was looking to buy a generator (about a year ago) I read the results of a test of generators that was done by a magazine (maybe Home Power). The results were that a Briggs & Stratton engine lasted a few hundred hours, a tecumseh engine lasted a few hundred more hours than the B&S, and a Honda engine lasted someting like 25,000 hours-- or something along those lines.

I ended up buying a Honda based largely on that report. I only wish I remembered the exact details of that test result, because I am now researching generator models in order to present some valid information to my town officials, who have recently agreed that it would be prudent to have a generator.

Can someone help me with this???? Did you read this information, do you remember the specifics, and can you post it here??

This is truly a test of the TB2000 prep forum's abilities :)


-- herrick Kimball (, November 10, 1999


herrick, try looking at the garynorth site and under the catagories of Alternative Energy you should find the answer you need. Sorry I don't have the exact site for you. Furie...

-- Furie (, November 11, 1999.

If this is for your town, forget the gasoline units and get a nice reliable diesel, something by Caterpillar or Lister-Petter. Now finding the size they want at this late date might be problematic, particularily if they want one large unit rather than 2 or more smaller units. might have some still in stock.

Remember to have them put PRI-D in the diesel fuel. The PRI Ocide is inexensive and is also a good idea. If you are in a Northern area add some PRI-Flow to prevent potential gelling.

-- Ken Seger (, November 11, 1999.

Herrick.....Wasn't us. Oh the article on home built DC gennies did mention some of the info you stated above but the only info possible applicable to A/C gennies was the engine life info.

If I was buying a new gas genny tomorrow it would probably be a Honda ES6500 (gas, electric start 6500 watt), If the unit didn't have to be portable I'd go propane or diesel for a bigger unit. I think Northern might have the best price on this...

DCK Home Power Magazine

-- Don Kulha (, November 11, 1999.

Thank you everyone for your response and advice. If I ever find that info, I'll post it.

Best wishes

H Kimball

-- herrick Kimball (, November 12, 1999.

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