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OK. Here we are in the last few weeks of prepping. Is anyone else having trouble staying motivated? It's been such a long haul. I'm so swamped with regular work stuff. When am I ever going to fit in the rest of my y2k chores? So much to do. At times it is just too overwhelming. How are other folks staying motivated? Any ideas welcome. I've got to pull myself out of this slump...

-- Libby Alexander (, November 10, 1999


I'm motivated by fear. I took some time off and now I realize there's little time left. Libby, just keep pluggin away.

-- (, November 10, 1999.

i wonder if libby alexander is near spring station???

think about your kid (s) looking at you when tshtf and asking: "daddy (mommy) what do we do now?" that's motivation.

-- clayton (, November 10, 1999.

Don't know if it's all true or not, but even if it's only half true, this might get you back in the mood...

I too am suffering from burnout on this, especially in my DGI household and neighborhood. I keep telling myself that no matter what happens next year, I do NOT want to be thinking to myself "You thought about it, and you had a chance to do something about it, and you decided not to...". I spend more on car insurance *every* year, and at the end of the year, when I don't collect, I have nothing to show for the $$ I put out. Bump or 10, my Y2K "insurance" (my preps) will have a "return on investment" that is so much better that it really is an unbeatable deal. Look at your preps, and look at how much is actually a "throw away" if nothing happens. In most cases, if it's not something you can still use, it is probably something you can sell later. Prepping is a win-win situation! Keep at it!

The last thing you need popping into your thoughts next year is "I could have and didn't..." I want to at least have the peace of mind that I did everything I could.

Least that's my 2 cents worth (which doesn't buy much these days).

regards, e.m.

-- Eyell Makedo (, November 10, 1999.

No trouble at all. Today I paid off the fellow who installed the handpump on our well; on the way stopped athte public library and linked onto this forum to learn the latest. Two or three excellent posts amid the general twaddle ... that was a motivator. Went down to the Aurora Lampworks in Aurora to pick up another Petromax I had on order, with extra globes and mantels; while there picked up a few rings for Aladdin lampshades, and had a burger and O-rings at the Blue Jeans pub ... WHERE it just so happened they had that MOnday's Oregonian on the bar -- that article that was posted on the web Monday, regarding hazardous chemical planmts in the Portland Metro area: hundreds of them. "No one has any idea ...." That was a bit of a motivator. Upon arriving home found my Odell's clarified butter had been delivered ( along with a few months supply of KI tablets. The butter is great -- wonderful flavor, texture, guaranteed one year shelf-life. That's success! Another motivator. Spent the afternoon in the garage sorting through potatoes, doublechecking the propane freezer and assorted cast iron pots and pans. Ordered a draped fireplace screen; and reviewed the avenues availabe to pay for it all ..... phew. Somehow.

How to stay motivated? Sit still some evening -- if you ever have time alone -- in the darkness. I did tonight while a rainstorm made the windowpanes shudder. Just enjoy the silence, the peace .... but don't be afraid to imagine how you might feel if we did not have all the civic order we still enjoy, and there was no way out of the darkness. Say a prayer; ask for guidance and encouragement; then rest.

Try again tomorrow.

-- SH (, November 10, 1999.

Ditto. Fear that my preps are incomplete. I'm sure they are.

-- anonymous (, November 10, 1999.

Live has been especially chaotic lately, and I have very little flexibility or time at this point. I am trying to remotivate myself by reorganizing - maintaining a list prioritized by need and leadtimes is helping me. That way, whatever I do not finish by yearend will be the least important (I hope!).

-- Brooks (, November 11, 1999.

my prepping is almost done and i am still motivated. but the biggest problem i am dealing with -- is having to FIGURE OUT HOW TO HIDE WHAT I HAVE FROM THE GOVERNMENT OR MARAUDERS IN CASE SOME YOKEL DECIDES WHAT'S MINE SHOULD BE HIS!!! know what i mean? it is bad enough to be wise and prepare but then you have to do all this clever "b......t" to try to hide six months worth of stuff. what a great administration this is when we begin acting like a third world or communist country. makes me so mad.

-- tt (, November 11, 1999.

Hi Libby

What I am doing to cope with it all, including Christmas and the usual holiday stuff is to be SUPER ORGANIZED. I have written something in my appointment book for almost every day from now to Christmas to do. For example today I had slotted in make shortbreads all afternoon after watching the Remembrance Day service in the morning. Turns out the water is off on our street for pipe maintenance. So last night I filled the bathtub and several buckets etc. with water and I am still going through with the plan.

It is the only way I am going to stay sane (and that's iffy!).

-- citygirl (, November 11, 1999.

Thanks all for your responses. I think the organization thing will help. If I can set a prep goal for each day, maybe, just maybe, I can keep going. Good luck to all of you.

-- Libby Alexander (, November 11, 1999.

Libby - my husband and I have been at it for nearly two years. Definitely feeling the pressure now of too little time and too many things on our last minute list. Life in general is pretty chaotic here too so we just keep making lists, plugging away, and reprioritizing as we get things done. Yes, it is hard to stay motivated, but when we think of how few days are left and how awful it would be if it was that one thing that we didn't finish that was needed most...weel, that's our motivation.

-- Nicki (, November 11, 1999.

I, too, have trouble staying motivated at times - and sometimes I get too focused on the fear - but I've done a few things that help.

1. *PRAYER* Every day many times a day I thank God for the fact that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS my life is in His hands. And I always remind myself that "to live is Christ and to die is GAIN" - that helps immeasurably.

2. On Day 100 I made a bunch of little pieces of paper with numbers on them, and I yank out one of those little pieces every morning. Doing that is enough to scare the you-know-what out of you.

3. I try to kick myself in the rear regularly. Imagining stuff. Imagining not having done it when I could.

4. Like Nike says, JUST DO IT! Not easy, but it's the only way to get it done.

Keep the faith!

-- peg (, November 11, 1999.

Thanks everyone. I'm off to put supplies away and dehydrate some peppers... Blessings on you.

-- Libby Alexander (, November 12, 1999.

Libby, I just started prepping in August, and at that time my husband was going along with me, I think at first just to humor me but now he is helping to prepare as much as I am. I think the closer we get the more unsure he's getting of what will really happen. Everyone we know family included are not preparing, and probably think we're nuts. I try to buy a little more each time I shop, cause I know we will be sharing with family if it gets bad. I think the thought of it turning bad has kept me prepping for fear of not being ready. But I also trust in the Lord to lead us, and I know it is our place to be prepared as it tells us in the Bible. May you have the strength to continue, our prayers are with you. Peace. Dorothy

-- Dorothy Ringgold (, November 13, 1999.

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