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Page 1 story entitled "Sticker Shock of the Millenium" goes on to say: "Babysitters and limousines are going, going...and portable dance floors are gone. There aren't enough propane heaters to make all the outdoor party tents cozy. Waiters can still be hired, but they're billing almost as much an hour as lawyers. Prices of beef tenderloin and shrimp are climbing like technology stocks."

The article goes on and on about the excesses to which the wealthy are going to bring in the new millenium in style.

As I read this last evening in shock, the realization occurred to me that we never see criticisms of those who are, in the words of the article, "people who, unconcerned about Y2K, are planning to punctuate the century by attending or hosting once-in-a-liftime bashes." But first Clinton, then those taking up his cue and trying to make those preparing SENSIBLY for Y2K, have been striking out at the wise ones for spending much more modestly for their family's survival! I am sure that one party alone will cost much, much more than preps for a family for a year.

Haven't we a strange set of values in some quarters?

-- Elaine Seavey (, November 10, 1999


This amuses me also: If you ask people if Jesus is likely to return in the year 2000, they will ALL say, "Of course not, 2000 is just an arbitrary number, it doesn't have any real meaning, it doesn't even relate to Jesus' birth, plus it's a different year anyway in China & Israel," etc. etc. They might also mention that the "millennium" doesn't begin until 2001.

SO -- What's the big bash about anyway? An excuse to party? Does anyone NEED an excuse to party? Party whenever you like. Work's done, let's party. Why wait til the middle of a winter night?

It's all kinda dumb when you think about it.

-- kiss (kiss@good.night), November 10, 1999.

Good observation: the near-total inversion of reality that routinely occurs in our...society. The cost of one West Hollywood soire' surely would dwarf the cost of preparations of this ENTIRE forum! The wasted food that ends on the ground or in garbage cans! Yet you're right, Elaine, there will be no withering voices directed at these sybarites...only the prudent draw the ire of our cultural managers. Waste, you see, is good for GDP (just as sickness, divorce, and mindless consumerism all fuel the happy GDP figures) The seven cardinal sins have now been labeled the seven cardinal virtues. Reason itself has taken flight, and the uncoupling of politics from policy (Noam Chomsky's formulation) has become total. Viewed in one sense, Celebrity Culture is Class-warfare in reverse: the poor, the humble, the prudent and tradition-minded are despised, castigated, and spat from the mouth of our "Kulchur," while the bloated rich are praised and adored. Cringe as the 'stars' kiss their golden Oscar idols; laugh as the shills shout at us to "stay asleep."

-- yedips (in@jam.obverse), November 10, 1999.

what's good will be thought of as evil, what's evil will be thought of as the last days.

paraphrase of the bible. absolutely incredible that people can be so deluded.

-- tt (, November 10, 1999.

Modern America...

Ancient Rome...

Got Decadence?

-- Billy Boy (, November 10, 1999.

They can both be found at Sam's or Costco, just in different sections. Race ya to the check-out. What is the shelf life of crackers and cheese squares anyway?

Watch for runs on crackers and champagne.

-- squid (, November 10, 1999.

squid, the actual shelf life on cheese squares and crackers looks good--beyond the stamped date. They are pricery, however. Still, good for treats.

-- Mara (, November 10, 1999.

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