Y2k, Terrorsim, the FBI, all discussed in an interesting visit with a GI Hair Stylist

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Sometimes information flows from really interesting sources. I really wasn't sure if I should post this. Take this for what it is worth.

This past weekend involved a family visit to our friendly neighborhood hair lady. She's got an amazing ability not only to gossip but also to mix with a wide variety of clients, friends, family.

While discussing the fact that a friend of hers was killed on Flight 800 and the possibility of terrorism with regard to Flight 990, she went off on a tangent which went in to a great discussion regarding the rollover.

This woman's daughter works as a PhD in the Bio/Chem world and she is begging and pleading with her mom to get out of the LA and join her in a remote area of Arizona for the rollover. She has been told to be away from ANY large city at the rollover. The woman's daughter mentioned amounts of harmful agents such as anthrax having gone missing at many different Universities and other research facilities over the years. Also, the womans daughter was given an advisory from the National Intstitute of Health and the FBI warning that all government employees should avoid government buildings at the rollover because of possible terrorism. The FBI is worried about possible terrorist actions, especially BIO/CHEM attacks and wants to get people such as this doctor away from the cities so that they can survive to manage the effort and combat the effects of an attack in the aftermath. Also, she mentioned that facilities like Hospitals will be used as "cover" for operations for many obvious reasons.

Like I said, it was an interesting conversation...but it didn't end there.

This woman also has a very, very close friend who is a captian of a Fire Department only about 6 miles from me. This captain has preps to last his family of eleven 28 days.

Pondering this it isn't difficult to imagine the scope and size of this prep effort. Also, if preps are needed in a city like LA for a month then the city will not be a great place to stay in. I am ready to abandon much of what I have and get out with essentials within a month if I am forced to be here at rollover.

This was interesting information. However, it didn't end there. This captain stated that a local hospital only three miles from me is "currently" being utilized and prepared by the FBI as a command center. The entire top floor of this hospital has been taken over.

The information stated by this woman's daughter was essentially cooberated by a local Fire Captain.

The benefit for my family from this conversation was that my wife listened to this woman and my wife has now truly GI.

Are there any hospital personnel who can confirm such activities in their area?

Mike ======================================

-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), November 10, 1999


Thanks Michael,

Please, DO, get away from L.A. before Christmas, my friend.

Think Silicon Valley is another "ground zero?"

*Big Sigh*

Puzzle pieces 'n choices.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), November 10, 1999.

Interesting, scarey story. Thank you for posting it.

BTW, the word is "corroborate." As in: "...[the story] was essentially corroborated by a local Fire Captain."

-- grammar (lady@strikes.again), November 10, 1999.

Thanks Mike. Only your hairdresser knows for sure! Shall we corroborate to beat the crap oughta the grammar lady?


-- Will continue (farming@home.com), November 10, 1999.

This is being asked of Michael. Do you think you could go to the hospital and "get lost" and see what you luck is in getting to the 3rd floor of that hospital that's in your neighborhood?

-- Hmmm (Hmmm@thinkyoucan.com), November 10, 1999.

Even WITHOUT the Y2K problem - any big city would be a BAD place to be during the rollover.

-- Dan G (earth_changes@hotmail.com), November 10, 1999.

lol Hmmm... did I say third floor?

Diane, I'm much closer to being away now than I was before the conversation because my wife heard the same conversation.

I had serious internal arguments regarding if I should even post this story. I don't want to be a fear monger or even perpetuate any rumors. I can imagine how people here would react if this story became an in-depth story on the 6:00 news. The information supporting both the fears of our government and the preps they are undertaking were already "out there" and this story only made it more real. If telling it means that perhaps others will decide to get away just because it's prudent then maybe I'm fulfilling my small part in the bigger plan.

lol Will. This woman mixes with everyone from local business owners to CEOs to law enforcement to politicians. She's got great contacts and I'm planning on trying to get a hard copy of that notice from the NIH. When I told her I was active on a board such as this she got very excited.

This conversation went into everything from suitcase nukes and possible prepositioned subversive elements to computer hacking and blowing up of high power lines.

Regardless of what the more optimistic here suggest the Y2k bug is not the only Y2k problem. It's just a part of a huge array of problems from people and perception to people and terrorism to people and remediation to people and dependence on "the system" (which ever system out of the multitudes). All these things are interconnected.

I just hope the fear of terrorism is all just imagination gone wild. That way, the bugs in the system and fix on failure will actually be possible. How will this happen if the world has gone mad?

As for the grammar lady, thanks. I'd be impressed with myself if that was the ONLY mistake I made : )



-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), November 10, 1999.

Kudos to you, Michael, for posting this! Zowie

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), November 10, 1999.

Sounds like a lot of unsubstantiated b.s. to me. High ranking people don't confide in blabbermouth hair dressers. Hell, everybody knows they repeat everything they hear. AND,if it happened to you wouldn't you have left that hair salon and headed straight for the hospital? Think about it.

-- Doomers R Dumb (Webelieveanyrumor@stupid.com), November 10, 1999.

Doomers R Dumb,

Reading is fundamental. Comprehension is essential. Try reading again and you'll find clues as to how far off you are in your comments.



-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), November 10, 1999.

ROFL I can't believe I said that! There's a small hospital in town with the top floor being the THIRD. What can I say.

-- Hmmm (Hmmm@thinkyoucan.com), November 10, 1999.

the trolls come whoooping out slapping their diversionary "Badge of Honor" on provocative real info

-- this thread deemed important (troll@slap.noted), November 10, 1999.

Real nice, Mike! ;-) As if it was not enough that I dreamed last night that I was the woebegone mayor of a small city, and woke up 4 times to fall back into the same dream...(perish the thought,...what's up with my unconscious, anyway?) We'll have to examine this in more detail over coffee, eh? Like, her thoughts on Orange County...


-- Donna (moment@pacbell.net), November 10, 1999.

Sounds like a lot of unsubstantiated b.s. to me. High ranking people don't confide in blabbermouth hair dressers.

You are kidding, of course. Hairdressers are like therapists...many people relax and talk about the most intimate details of their lives while in the chair. I am not a hairdresser but have some passing acquaintance with how and when people talk about what matters to them, and what concerns them. Your assessment is inaccurate.

-- Donna (moment@pacbell.net), November 10, 1999.

Okay Mike,

Who is this mysterious hairdresser?

Who is her mysterious daughter?

IF the daughter exists...where is the proof she works in the bio-chem world?

Where is the proof she was told to be out of the cities at rollover?

Where is the proof that hospitals will be used as "cover?"

What fire dept? What captain?

If you don't want to be a fear monger, stop posting unsubstantiated bs!

-- Doomers are Dumb (webelieveanyrumor@stupid.com), November 10, 1999.


Fascinating conversation. Thanks for taking the time to post it. I'm glad to hear your wife is now a total GI. Take care.


-- Scarlett (ohara@tara.net), November 10, 1999.

Even if unsubstantiated, I am glad poeple still post what they believe to be real.

-- Marcy Sky (clark@charm.net), November 11, 1999.

Hey Doomers R Dumb...

Mike Taylor has been posting on these boards since I've been here (Jun 1998). He's well known for his integrity and his intelligence (you know, if not for his grammer...grin!). So stop asking stupid questions unless you want stupid answers...

-- mar (derigueur2@aol.com), November 11, 1999.

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