facilitator-Nov. 3

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We had a wonderful class on November 3, 1999, led by Glenn Toby. (Glenntobey@bresnanlink.net) We look forward to learning from him for the next three weeks. The topic of discussion was Behavior Modification and Discipline. The theme centered on the premise that children behave in a way to get there needs met. There is a hierarchy of feelings starting from sadness, to fear to anger. I have a complete list of notes if you need them. We are to think of situations that we experience in the classroom and bring them to class next Wed. For those of you unable to attend we had a great dinner courtesy of Super Value. (Spaghetti and apples with carmel dip - sorry Karen) Donna will be providing the excitement for the next gathering. Have a great week. Jill Herzig

-- Anonymous, November 09, 1999

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