OT: Air Force concerned about Leonid meteor storm

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The U.S. Air Force is saying that the Leonid meteor storm, which is due to arrive on November 17th, could damage satellites.

CNN.com Article

Leonids meteor web site

-- Chicken Little (the.sky@IS.falling), November 09, 1999


Heeheeheheheheheheh, like your sig today ;-)

-- henpecked (free@ranging.now), November 09, 1999.

we had the same worry with the last meteor storm and no noticeable reports of damage?

-- tt (cuddluppy@yahoo.com), November 09, 1999.

Well..whaddya know. So, chicken, do you think it's gonna be a problem? Most of us who have been around long enough know that this year is supposed to provide more sand for your buck...but just curious about your personal opinion.

-- OR (orwelliator@biosys.net), November 09, 1999.

Good to see you are back, Chicken.

How are things going down your way? I hope the rebuilding is coming along. The price of sheetrock up north is out of sight. Hope you can do better where you are.

thanks for the link. It's definitely another wild card in the mix for the rollover.

Not long now. If the pollies are right, I will invite them over for a huge bean & rice casserole; spam on the side. :-)



-- gene (ekbaker@essex1.com), November 09, 1999.

I don't think this is the same CL we all know and love.

-- Pinkrock (aphotonboy@aol.com), November 10, 1999.

Duh, we and the Ruskis can just turn our orbitting missile platforms on it and blow them out of the sky. Don't you WATCH movies?

-- Colin MacDonald (roborogerborg@yahoo.com), November 10, 1999.

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