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I shouldn't laugh so hard at Eric's love of nerdy glasses. I started wearing glasses all the time about ten years ago and my first pair of glasses, oh my, they had dark blue frames! And, I swear, they were as big as my head. I don't know what I was thinking. Man, it's embarrassing just thinking about them.

Speaking of embarrassing, Eric and I saw Mr. Clean at the grocery store a couple of months ago. Like a real live Mr. Clean. He cracked me up, so I'd walk back and forth in front of him and he'd watch me walk by with his eyes, but he'd never so much as flinch a muscle. On the other hand, Eric wouldn't even look at Mr. Clean because his getup embarrassed him. Knowing Mr. Clean embarrassed Eric just made me that more obnoxious and so I waved like a maniac at him from the checkout and kept pointing him out, "Look Eric, it's Mr. Clean!"

Umm, anyway. You must have something more interesting to write.

-- Christine (chris@gta.igs.net), November 09, 1999


Not really.

I've spent the last day designing mugs and mousepads (we're an ISP... so I'm not exactly sure how I got dragged into doing this task). You couldn't possibly know how boring a design task that is. :)

Speaking of glasses, though... I've noticed a trend in my spectacle purchases since I first started wearing glasses 12 years ago... They've progressively been getting smaller & more fashionable. My first pair of glasses were these HEEYOOGE aviator-style lenses, in bright chrome... the latest pair are what my girlfriend likes to call "commie glasses" - small and round, and tinted green. So, the glasses have been getting smaller and smaller. This pair is probably 1/4 of the lens size of my first pair of glasses. I'm curious to see how small my next pair will be.

I'm too vain to get contact lenses though. :)

-- Darren James Harkness (solas@direct.ca), November 10, 1999.

You're too vain to get contacts, Darren? Does that mean you'd shatter your geek status if you stopped wearing glasses?

I used to wear contacts, but I got sick of trying to fish them out every night before bed.

And I could possibly know how boring it is to design mugs and pens and all sorts of promo material: I used to do it for a living. What always surprised me was how people would have so many opinions about a coffee mug. It's just not natural to care so much about a fucking coffee mug.

-- Christine (chris@mail.gta.igs.net), November 10, 1999.

I've never worn glasses or needed contacts, yet. The day will be inevitable though, as it was for my Dad whe he was about 45, or maybe 50. I once wore a pair of really nerdy glasses for a play, Clark Kent originals, and I tried them out in school for a couple of days but everyone knew they weren't for real. The fact they had no lenses sort of gave it away...

-- Michael (meaford@hotmail.com), November 10, 1999.

My geek status has long since been shattered... I hardly ever get near a computer now when I'm not at work - K has taken over my computer at home for papers and articles! :)

I agree... I have about 3 designs going for the mousepad right now... and they're dependant on if the mousepad is going to be square, or round, and what size it's going to be, etc... and the receptionist is starting to give me ideas for slogans to put on them, like "Opening the gate to a whole new world of imagination" and the like. ;) It's funny... for a webmaster, I've done very little actualy web work. ;)

...and I haven't even started on the mug yet. :) I'm in the office today, but it's to work on a side-project (ssh! don't tell anyone!)

But then again, I can't complain. I just requisitioned Illustrator yesterday, and I'm going to hit them up for a design conference in February. :)

-- darren james harkness (solas@direct.ca), November 11, 1999.

Non-sequitor: I just realized, that gif you have in front, of the kid skipping rope, the perspective makes it look like she's high in the air. That's really artsy!

-- Mike (mleung@mikeleung.com), November 12, 1999.

I have my nerd glasses on again! HA! I posted to the previewbooks thing, so I guess I am in a forum posting mood. I was just thinking about how Chrissie always thinks it is weird when we are watching TV and a character is about to do somting really stupid like pretend he is a basketball star when he is only 5'5" and so he puts on these like minature stilts and pulls it off for a while. uhhh, I forgot what I was going to say :)

-- Eric Frazier (ef@kwinternet.com), November 14, 1999.

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