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With this many questions at once, do I get a prize for being an ignoramus?

I've never baked bread, but I'm planning to learn. . . .

We have our own wheat, and a grinder, so that part is taken care of, but I don't know what kind of yeast to use or where to get it. I need something that has a decent shelf life, obviously.

I think I read somewhere (here?) that once the yeast is opened it will keep well in a quart jar. Is that right?

I need direction to a good price, as well.

Thanks again, in advance.

-- peg (, November 09, 1999



I'd start small, with some of the yeast packages from the store. Larger containers can wait until you have baked at least 5-6 loaves. Then go ahead and get a large container. It's difficult to find here, but you might try a commercial restaurant supply house, COSTCO, SAM's Club, large supermarket, etc. My experience has been that a large container tends to go "flat" over time...we use sourdough starter as well as yeast.

-- Mad Monk (, November 09, 1999.

I recommend Red Star. You can buy it in large quantities from King Arthur Flour catalogue, sometimes health food stores, co-ops. Sorry, don't have website or anything, maybe call 800 operator. Once you get it, DO NOT refrigerate it. If you refrigerate yeast and then lose power, it will deteriorate quickly. Kept cool, dark, dry RS yeast will last AT LEAST one year from time of purchase. It will probably last longer but the co. has never seen any need to test it longer than that. Talked to them last year about it. They said it's very similar to some European yeasts which last a couple of years.

MM's suggestion re sourdough starter is an excellent one.

-- Old Git (, November 09, 1999.

i would consider for short term--packages of dry yeast (I saw SAF packages that had a really long expiration date on them at Giant). then for longer term--SAF Yeast in vacuum packed blocks will keep for several years. You can find it in more upscale and gourmet cooking stores. Williams Sonoma, etc.

-- tt (, November 10, 1999.

I use Saf-Yeast, which I bought from my food co-op. This is a rapid-rise type of yeast, and I've pulled bread out of the oven less than 2 1/2 hours after the kids have finished grinding the wheat. It's recommended by the manufacturer that it be kept in the freezer to increase shelf life. I used the Red Star, too, but prefer this.

-- Ann M. (, November 10, 1999.

We use Red Star yeast that we buy in 1 pound bags at the local food co-op, always store the opened yeast in the refrigerator in a glass jar, and find it keeps for a year or so. We've always used it faster than that, and also have sourdough starter available to use.

I would recommend practiceing making bread from your own flour so that you can ask any questions now, when you can easily get answers.

-- Jim (, November 10, 1999.

I bought some large quantities of Red Star from an Amish Bulk Store and he recommended that you keep it in the freezer until ready to use. Has anyone else found that is good? What if the power does go out, will it lose it's potency? Or is it just best to store in a cool, dark place to begin with? Penda

-- Penda Zone (, November 10, 1999.

I read in one of my many y2k books that yeast will be good for one year after taken out of the freezer. I keep mine in the freezer and use right from the package. I buy the two lb package from Sam's. If you are not sure about the yeast you are going to use, you can proof it. Put about a 1/2 teaspoon of yeast in 1/2 cup of room temp water with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. If the mixture is bubbly in about 10 min. the yeast is good.

-- Carol (, November 10, 1999.

Thanks a bunch!

GOOD IDEA about trying this now instead of waiting. No doubt I WILL have questions. Too bad I can't try everything ahead of time - I'm never going to have time for all that. Fortunately I've tried some of my stuff already, so it's not as if I'm TOTALLY out to lunch, just partly. :-)

Alas, I wasted considerable time after learning about y2k suffering from mind-numbing depression and couldn't seem to get my rear in gear. I still weep into my dishwater at times over the complete DGI of my mom, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins. If y2k is a biggie, I'm not going to have a single person left I'm related to. Fortunately I have my husband, who is with me 100%.

Well, no point in dwelling on the bad stuff - I have things to do!

Cheerio, y'all -

-- peg (, November 11, 1999.

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