1. Why has the government been silent in many areas? 2.Why has the gov. not told the peole to take precautions? How can the gov. prevent a shutdown when the computer systems in this country are so intertwined?

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Maybe Im just a little behind on the issue of the y2k bug, but I think that is because many people just shrug it of as not being a threat at all. I was just wondering why the government has really been silent in many respects concerning the y2k problem? Is there really not a threat, or is this silence occuring in order to prevent a massive panic amoung the masses. If it is at all possible for something terrible to happen on such a huge scale, how come the government is not preparing us for the worse? I was also wondering how can the government prevent a shutdown from happening when this countries computer systems are so intrically intertwined?

-- James Hall (jhall2@opal.iupui.edu), November 09, 1999


Good God, where have you been? Under a friggin' rock? The government has been talking about this for months. Moron!

-- Dumbas Spotter (hiki@dumbass.com), December 28, 1999.

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