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"Canada Mon Nov 8, 10:53 am

Web Sites/Hackers

Computer hackers had their way with a number of federal web sites over the weekend.

Among the sites that were targetted were Industry Canada, Atomic Energy and Human Resources Canada. Sites in other countries were hit as well including those operated by the British Army and the U.S. Navy Environmental Health Agency. All sites are up and running properly today.

Past warnings from the RCMP pointed out that government computers aren't always well secured and that there are some saboteurs out there who could be posing as Y2K technicians."

This story was on CBC tv news as well.

-- Rachel Gibson (, November 09, 1999



How are you doing?

Yes I seen that on the tube. Almost makes you wonder if this is just a warm up for the press. Are we going to start seeing more stories of "saboteurs" and less about y2k? The terrorist thing in the states is looking serious though.

Of course there was some idiot in Vancouver that was going to bomb pipelines for ransom money. Times are changing

-- Brian (, November 09, 1999.

Hi, Brian,

The net is so sluggish today!

Still waiting to get the stove installed. Sigh.

I took the above news to mean that y2k programmers were suspected of installing back (trap) doors. Definitely a y2k problem rather than a terrorist one.

-- Rachel Gibson (, November 09, 1999.

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