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The version 3.5 update of the Prudent Food Storage FAQ has just been posted to the Providence Cooperative web site ( and is being distributed to host sites world wide. The FAQ is free for viewing and downloading.

The oxygen absorber; desiccants and moisture in food storage; diatomaceous earth; and supplies listings have been updated, revised and expanded.

The infant formula section has been completely rewritten and greatly expanded.

New sections on freeze treating dry foods and vacuum sealing dry foods have been added.

Come on over and take a look!


-- A.T. Hagan (, November 09, 1999



-- plonk! (, November 09, 1999.


A chance to say thank you! Yours was the first y2k 'manual' I ever downloaded (summer '98), and the binder pages are now dog-eared from use. Especially looking forward to more info on dessicants, now that we've used them, and on freeze-treating dry foods, now that we have a small store. Wow. I feel like a squirrel.

Again, thanks. Yours is a valuable service.

-- silver ion (, November 10, 1999.

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