Did anyone catch this hearing?

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On November 4th, at 2:00pm, the House Subcommittee on Government IT held a hearing called "Y2K Myths and Realities". I only knew it was coming up because someone had alerted the forum to a C-span broadcast of the earlier hearing on Oct 29th. That hearing was broadcast live.

Now this latest one, on the 4th, was not broadcast live. I searched like crazy in the C-span schedule for it, and finally found it the next day. It had been broadcast at 2:30AM on the 5th. No re-broadcasts.

Here is the address for this Subcommittees Y2K info. Hearings are posted after the fact (I notice that the Senate page hasn't been updated in a long time).


At the above site, you can see the list of the hearings, and click through to the written testimonies of the witnesses. Not as good as a transcript though. I like to hear the q & a part.

They had said at the end of the Oct 29 hearing that the one on Nov 4th would address recommendations for the citizenry on preparedness. I didn't see much of that in the testimonies.

Linkmeister, would you link us up? I'd sure like to get some reviews by our own forumites. Thanks!

-- Arewyn (isitth@latealready.com), November 09, 1999


Several rumors of "We will soon be alerting the citizens ..."

-- when (when@when.when?), November 09, 1999.

"National Waco Day" When they finally have your compound surrounded and begin shouting "WACO UP!"

-- SH (squirrel@hunter.com), November 09, 1999.




The "Y2K: Myths and Realities" hearing and testimony:


-- Linkmeister (link@librarian.edu), November 09, 1999.

Please note below that Congressman Stephen Horn states,

"... Recent public opinion polls support the notion that Year 2000 anxiety is waning. Indeed, if Americans are informed and prepared for Year 2000 disruptions, they will cope."

Notice that he states that the American people will cope IF THEY ARE INFORMED AND PREPARED!!!


-- really disgusted (disgusted@tired.com), November 09, 1999.

Thanks, Linkmeister!

-- Arewyn (isitth@latealready.com), November 09, 1999.

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