OT: Microsoft Outlook has a bug that allows Trojan Horse's

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This is a new Press Release in Cnet.com

sorry no link...Can someone post it?

-- Cant Sat (Chicken@NoWay.com), November 09, 1999


Fred: "They've just discovered a bug in a Microsoft product!"
Joe: "Gee, that's unusual!"
Fred: "No, really!"
Joe: "Naaahhhh, can't be. Are you sure it's Microsoft we're talking about here?"
Fred: "Yep"
Joe: "So you mean before that, this program didn't have any bugs in it?"
Fred: "Nope, not a one."
Joe: "So whenever my machine needs to be rebooted, that's just..."
Fred: "...sheer bad luck, yes. Some chip fault, motherboard fault, a Netscape code remnant, you name it."
Joe: "Well, I wasn't too worried anyway - so long as I'm connected to the Internet, Realnetworks Inc. will know about the bug before I do and no doubt taylor my future software choices to avoid any repetition of the problem!"

-- Y2KGardener (gardens@bigisland.net), November 09, 1999.

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