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My gallant iv560 capture card only has an option for recording in avi format is there any way to record in mpeg format maybe a emulator or something. also when i record in avi i seem to loose alot of frames. my computer is intel pentium3 500mhz 128mb

-- james (, November 08, 1999


You can not make your card capture in MPEG. You will have to convert the AVI to an MPEG. The cost can be as low as one hundred dollars for command-line convertors to one thousand dollars or more for GUI convertors. Xing is the one used by a lot of hobbyist to creat MPEGs from AVIs. Xing's convertor can be found at and costs $250.00.

-- The Lone Ranger (, November 09, 1999.


-- j (, November 09, 1999.

Cinax's WinVCR can give you the ability to encode to mpeg-1 in real time. However, I've heard that it's not very stable and there are still a lot of bugs to work out.


-- HazyMind (, November 13, 1999.

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