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My family and I are in our 8th year at Kentlands. There were about 150-250 people here, the rec center area was a tall stand of trees, there were maybe parts of 6 streets and no commercial area whatever. K-lands was very literally wild, and controlled by deer, racoons, fox, possums, a solitary bobcat spotted near the area where the beavers used to roam, and many other animals. The area called Lakelands, the National Geographic property and K-lands, combined, made a wonderful area for dogs to exercise and the early "settlers" to take long nature walks through trees, around bodies of water, etc. Of course we all knew that that idyllic environment would disappear. We moved here with that knowledge andin the face of a plan for a wonderfully balanced community not found in the usual suburbs. My questions are: 1. Does the feeling of living in a clean, well landscaped, attractive area have to be ruined by those who freely litter around the water areas, in the commercial areas, in the parks, around the church, at the school and in the woods area near the "puddle" at the NW corner of K-lands? 2. The overwhelming majority of K-lander pet owners scoop dog poop, but must the K-lands continue to be defaced by the minority who allow their dogs to poop unscooped? There are several habitual offenders. Talking to them obviously does not work. How do we keep the dog poop from the grassy areas and off of the feet of those who paint the air blue with their discovery of a misstep? 3. Are we willing to pay for better security? The vandalism of private vehicles, homes and personal property is still prevalent and recent perverted activity causes an atmosphere of trepidation and disgust. 4. Parking is horrible in the area of the condos near the carriage houses. What is equitable?

We have just elected the person who is going to be the President of the Citizens' Assembly when K-lands assumes decision control of the destiny of the community. It is the small things, unchecked, that accummulate and cause real community degradation. As Haile Sallasie said: "It is the inaction of those who know and should have acted, that allows evil to flourish." There is no doubt that the right recommendations will be taken to the committee for resolution. The question is, will we act like an active, concerned community and demonstrate the will and resolve to do and enforce the right things? Or, will we leave the responsibility for improvement in the hands of a few and complain when things do not go our way?

-- Ronald B. Lee (ronanlee@bigplanet.com), November 08, 1999


Ron, Good points but let's have some recommendations for how to remedy the problems. You are in the perfect position as a homeowner in your condo association to suggest ways to remedy the parking situation most of us would not know exists. Should we get "Mutt-Mitt" dispensers and place them in our community parks? Might not be a bad idea. Any ideas on where they should go? I am all ears and raring to go. Please let me know your wishes. Diane

-- Diane Dorney (ddorney301@aol.com), November 20, 1999.

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