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The purpose of this message is to announce a potential cooperative preps order of self-powered radios and lanterns made by Freeplay. In order for us to make this coop order, a minimum of 10 orders must be made for the self-powered freeplay radios and/or lanterns. All payments will need to be received no later than November 19, 1999. I anticipate delivery of units to me by December 1, 1999 and I can overnight units-- if this is deemed best.

As seems to be the trend, the dealer wishes to remain anonymous. You know who will be the sole contact for this coop order.

Freeplay Self-Powered AM/FM/SW RADIO and 9V AC/DC Adapter.

gswradio.gif (12706 bytes)

Freeplay Self-Powered Lantern and One Pack of Replacement Bulbs.

gflash.gif (15038 bytes)

If you are interested in these units, please signify your serious interest to me as soon as possible. Reply to this email with the key words, "FREEPLAY," in the subject of the email. Send email to

Thank you for your attention.


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-- Meg Moss (, November 08, 1999


Could you please post the cost for these items?

-- (, November 10, 1999.

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