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Sta-Bil is available at Wal-Mart (in my town at least). Read the Sta-Bil label, call the 800 number. You will learn that Sta-Bil unused in the container has a two years shelf life. Fuel treated with Sta-Bil is preserved for nine to twelve months. Fuel-Saver is available mail-order from Nitro-Pak Heber ut 800- 866-4876. One quart FS is about $30 plus shipping. One oz Fuel Saver preserves gasoline for three to five years. You may re-treat stored gasoline at three year intervals. I have used gasoline treated with Fuel Svaer that was in the can for 42 months. It worked ok in truck, lawnmower, garden tiller, chainsaw. July 1999 American Survival Guide reports that PRI-G (for gasoline) and PRI-D (for diesel) preserves fuel for ten years. I look forward to July 2009 ASG to read report of that test.

-- Vladislav Aleksandrovich Strelok (Strelok60@yahoo.,com), November 08, 1999


Is a gas stabilizer like sta-bil really neccessary? I've started vehicles which have been parked for at least a year without having treated the old gas. Is it common knowledge that gas disentigrates after a period of time? I'm not aware of it.

-- Rob Carroll (, November 08, 1999.

As I understand it (used to collect old cars), regular gasoline of today will "shellaque" your gas tank if the tank is not full and the air sits undisturbed. Also that the fuel itself is not stable = basically "spoiling" after too much time passes (several months +). Have read that storing tanks pretty full minimizes air exposure and reduces problems. Have also read that you really should use gas preservatives if you might NEED to USE that fuel later.

-- Kristi (, November 09, 1999.

Oops - I think the fuel itself is not the problem, but the other stuff they mix with it before it reaches us.

-- Kristi (, November 09, 1999.

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