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Latin Corporate Y2K Compliance is Still a Concern


"``Many Latin nations are perceived to be at the mid-to-low end of the scale in terms of overall Y2K preparedness,'' said Edward R. Sherman, a DCR analyst who follows Latin corporates. ``Unfavorable economic conditions and a lack of financial resources could make the fallout from any major Y2K-related problems more severe in Latin America than in other regions, which could impact some corporate entities in the region.''"

-- hamster (, November 08, 1999


Great post hamster. It's what I, who have been down there has been preaching all along.
Don't believe that all of the corporate links that are crucial are just in the U.S. The pollys refuse to address international links in the JIT supply chain. And to this day, this late date, with less than 60 days to go, no one has done any in depth, hard core research into the Central and South American situation. I've been to Mexico, the Carribbean, and Central America and if you think Y2K is going to be easy here, you just keep on believing that and anything else you want to about that damned blue dress. Reality is that these are THIRD world countries, with critical parts and supplies for our manufacturing processes. Before you pooh-pooh this, the first group that will be impacted will be the blue collar union types. So let's see, they are laid off, due to Y2K supply problems in third world countries, and hmmmm, this happened due to NAFTA and GATT; sounds like Buchanan may have some input in this election after all. God help us all if the inventor of the internet gets elected as a result.

Got Chalupas?

-- John Galt (, November 08, 1999.

If I've said once, I've said it a thousand times.........


-- semper paratus (, November 08, 1999.

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