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Networks Plan New Year's Coverage


" ABC News is spending more than $5 million on a 24-hour, telethon-like broadcast anchored by Peter Jennings from Times Square beginning at 5 a.m. EST on Dec. 31. Although top-name entertainers will perform, it's largely a news show.

CBS, meanwhile, has turned its New Year's Eve celebration over to its entertainment division and people like David Letterman and Steven Spielberg.

NBC appears the least interested in Y2K, at least based on time set aside to mark the occasion. The network has largely kept its plans under wraps."

-- hamster (, November 08, 1999


My question is what are FEMA's broadcast plans??????

Who stole my remote? John

-- John Galt (, November 08, 1999.


-- Dana (, November 08, 1999.

The FEMA chann3el

-- Butt Nugget (, November 08, 1999.

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