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Prince George's County Y2K Ready


Prince George's County Y2K Ready - (UPPER MARLBORO) -- There are just 57 days until the year 2000. Prince George's County claims it is ready for Y-two-K... or at least, mostly ready. A recent test revealed one glitch between computers. A courtroom computer "froze" when it tried to send data to a Corrections Department computer. Court cases are assigned a number beginning with the last two digits of the year of the case. The Corrections Department computer was programmed to drop the double zeroes of 2000. The problem has now been corrected, but Prince George's County Council member Ronald Russell says he is still concerned. He says the county has not started a Y-two-K hotline for residents. The millennium arrives eight weeks from this Saturday.


Note that they did some remediation and it caused a problem when they finally tried to get the fixed system to TALK TO ANOTHER SYSTEM. Wonder how many "fixed" systems havent been tested exchanging data like this one.

-- hamster (, November 08, 1999

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