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What's happening with the server cache? Another posted thread has disappeared - apparently for good, judging it has been over an hour since the post.

I'm willing to give up some real-time type posting and chat in lieu of the 'Server Busy' message, but this performance is trully awful! At this rate, we will cease to be a viable forum by years end.

-- TruthSeeker (truthseeker@ seektruth.always), November 08, 1999


Not sure. I had a thread on the Preps forum disappear for a while this morning but it's back now.

-- Arnie Rimmer (, November 08, 1999.


I sure wish you folks would quit griping about missing threads and/or posts. I could not get to this site for over a week. Now it never fails. I can stand a bit of a delay for the vastly improved 'linkability.' Here's hoping Phil leaves the server the way it now is!


-- Uhmm.. (, November 08, 1999.

Don't you get it???? All you conspiracy nuts have been fooled by this Greenspun fix. The sysops can delete anything thing they want now and blame it on the improved server.

You doomers have been sleeping at the switch. Talk about mind control.

-- (, November 08, 1999.

Squid, caching server... Quit whining... Nobody is deleting anything. Nobody is trying to take away your right's to read. The data is there. If it seems to be gone, it could be the server, the cache proxy between you and the server, any number of things.

This is a FREE service OFFERED by people who WORK hard to make it available. That means you GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU PAID FOR... Quit your freakin' whinin' and grow up... fifty some days and you are crying over a bit of trouble accessing an internet server...

-- (...@.......), November 08, 1999.

The whole forum seems to be getting unpredictable. Posts appear and then vanish. The Recent Answers says one thread has 5 replies when I count 8, and says another has 6 when I count 3. Some posts haven't shown up for over half an hour. Sometimes I get bounce notices *days* after a post. This takes some getting used to.

-- Flint (, November 08, 1999.

Let's just say Phil Greenspun's recent tweeks are a bit tempramental... I told him what some have said. His response...

"Have you figured out a reproducible test case? I definitely wouldn't vouch for all the caching code..." -- Philip

How do you figure that out?


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 08, 1999.

Flint, you should be able to handle this. After all, it's merely entertainment for you and your friends. So what does it matter if it takes an hour for a post to show up. Do you think it might obstruct justice or are you afraid that the lag will exceed Y2Kpro's attention span?

-- Lobo (, November 08, 1999.


??? I'm getting used to the strangeness here. I made some observations that may be useful, maybe not. But why do you attack me? Have I offended you?

And I have little use for Y2k Pro, who seems no more than a troublemaker.

-- Flint (, November 08, 1999.

Sorry, trying to be funny and you got in the way. Actually what I was implying was that the lag time in the server may not be such a bad thing. It may tend to slow down some of the hotheads and limit the caustic inappropriateness of a few of the hecklers. If juveniles such as Y2KPro cannot receive instant gratification akin to standing back and looking at fresh paint graffiti, they sometimes (hopefully) will discontinue coming by that wall 'cause it's no fun man.'

Actually, you do rankle my fur occasionally. However, since we have 51 days and that's not enough time for anything meaningful related to remediation, repair etc., it's no longer important. I do hope that you are erely playing devil's advocate here and just enjoy pulling chains. I sincerely hope for you and your family you are not chancing the correctness of the media, government and industry spins. Good Luck and God Bless

'laying in front of the lair'

-- Lobo (, November 08, 1999.

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