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This one conducted Aug 25-29, released Sept. 10.


Conducted same time, released Sept. 23.

Here's a list of all recent Gallup polls.

There's probably another Y2K poll-taking underway as we speak.

-- lisa (lisa@too.far_away), November 08, 1999


It's perhaps fitting that the most important and potentially life- threatening event in the history of mankind is subjected to SURVEYS. Just goes to show what levels the PR people have attained in their ever-well-paid efforts to manage information. ("Meteor heading for Earth! Total destruction inevitable! Film at 11!")

How ironic that Y2K doesn't care how people FEEL, or what they THINK, or what the MAJORITY OPINION is...

Darwin would be proud.

-- Dennis (, November 08, 1999.

From the second poll (pr990923.asp)

Next I'm going to read some specific problems. As I read each one, please say whether you think it likely or unlikely to occur as a result of Y2K. First, ... . Next, ... . [RANDOM ORDER]

  Dec 9-13, 1998 Mar 5-7, 1999 Aug 25-29, 1999
  % "likely" % "likely" % "likely"
Banking/accounting will fail 63 55 48
Air traffic control will fail 46 43 35
Food/retail distribution will fail 37 40 35
Emergency/ "911" will fail 36 32 27
Hospital equipment/services will fail 33 32 22
Nuclear power/defense systems will fail 30 27 18
Passenger cars/trucks will fail 17 -- 12

-- Zach Anderson (, November 08, 1999.

Now, Im going to try to be as positive as possible, but looking at he first four listings in the table above, things do not bode well in these corresponding four areas:

Note: It is the public perception alone that I am alluding to. I am offering no opinion (in this post) of whether or not Y2K is a real technical problem.

-- Zach Anderson (, November 08, 1999.

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