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News of the Day: Computer Services, Office of Policy and Planning

"Good Morning from Computer Services, Office of Policy and Planning!"

"Year 2000 - Ready or Not..."

"Find out who is and, perhaps more importantly, who is not ready for Y2K by attending this month's Technology Briefing. Key issues include the current state of year 2000 preparedness throughout the world, what we can expect to happen Jan. 1, and how we can leverage Y2K investments into future technology development."

"Our keynote presenter will be Matthew G. Hotle, vice president and research director of GartnerGroup. Hotle's experience includes technical and application project management, application development, quality assurance, testing and training. He is currently research team leader for GartnerGroup's Year 2000 strategies research team, and a member of the Year 2000 and Applications Development Management and Methods research centers. Hotle's core areas of coverage are software process improvement, including methodologies, project management, quality assurance and testing, and software metrics. Hotle has a degree in business administration, with emphasis in finance and financial economics, from the University of Iowa."

"Following Hotle's presentation, Fred Dowdy, administrator of the DAS Y2K Competency Center, will discuss the state's final preparation for the new year."

"We invite all interested DAS employees to attend this Technology Briefing from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 10 in the Lobby Hearing Room of the Rhodes State Office Tower. Reservations are not necessary."

-- Rather not say (, November 08, 1999

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