Raleigh, NC: Y2K tests delay permit processing

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Raleigh News & Observer

Y2K tests delay permit processing

From Staff Reports

The Raleigh inspections office will not be able to issue or process zoning or building permits until Tuesday because of Y2K preparations, officials said. The office took its computers offline for Y2K modifications Thursday, said Ed Owens, Raleigh's director of inspections. Before it went offline, the computer system was already having technical difficulties, and the department was unable to accept any inspections requests, Owens said. That means Tuesday should be a hectic day for Owens' office, which will be working through the backlog of requests from Thursday, Friday and Monday. On an average day, Owens said, the inspections office gets about 600 visitors requesting permits or inspections. In September, 4,001 permits were issued.

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), November 08, 1999


Can't they just rubber-stamp everything the same? Look at Cary, after all.

-- Forrest Covington (theforrest@mindspring.com), November 09, 1999.

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