Observations from the Preparedness Expo

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Just a few personal observations from Denver:

This Expo was different from the past several years; there were more families, more older people (50s and 60s; the Expo even had a senior discount), fewer guys in camo (I only saw one; he was a media darling!), fewer booths with "fringe stuff" and lots and lots of food storage.

The only gold dealer was cleaned out and gone before noon on Saturday. One of the food dealers said that he had sold over half his goods on Friday and his shelves were looking really thin by Saturday evening. He had a good location, I don't know if the others were doing that good.

One fellow from Wyoming arrived with a "For Sale" sign on an antique wood stove in the back of his pick-up. It, too, was gone by Saturday afternoon.

So just maybe there are a few quiet GI's around; kinda gives a gal hope anyway.

Just put a few new shelves. . .


-- Gypsy (GypsiGold@aol.com), November 07, 1999


I just got back from the expo. I went to find a Volcano cooker, and there were none left in stock. I'd have to back-order to get one. I guess I'll order one through normal channels and see if it gets here before the end of the year.

I echo what Gypsy said. Only two booths of paramilitary stuff (you can always count on Ironwolf Enterprises) and the rest was all food, water, heat, and health. Lots of "normal" looking people there, all packing out water filters and cases of dehydrated food. No wood stoves to speak of - must have all been sold already. Saw an interesting set-up where one firm built little woodstoves out of 20mm ammo cans. Looked pretty slick. Pretty good prices on food and other items.

This expo is the last we'll see in this area before roll-over; I guess I'll have to finish my preps at SAM's club and Home Depot.

-- rob minor (rbminor@hotmail.com), November 07, 1999.

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