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I've been reading a fascinating book, 'Education of a Princess', by Grand Ducchess Marie of. Russia. (1930) Blue Ribbon Books .

As the revolution overtook Russia, the aristocracy just couldn't believe it would get worse. They did not flee. They did not move to save themselves. Their servants bullied and harrassed them for money, People they had tried to help by educating their children turned on them. The revolution was incredbly disorganized and chaotic, but they did not try to slip through the cracks. Marie was a survivor, thought for herself, she escaped, just barely.

This book has a lot to offer about how a strong belief system in social unreality, poor education, and inertia can be disastrous. They knew about the French revolution, they could not believe that something that had happened in the history books could happen to them.

-- seraphima (, November 07, 1999


When the breakdown happens in America, the revolution will begin. Americans will be in shock not believing such turmoil could tear apart their nation.

-- Randolph (, November 07, 1999.

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