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This made me laugh.

"John Dyer of the Social Security Administration said agency computers will shut down early on Dec. 30 to allow collection of all 1999 computer transactions. Then, he said, the main data center in Baltimore will switch to jet-fueled generators just before midnight on Dec. 31 to guard against electrical surges.

For some reason I could almost see David Letterman with his buck-toothed grin "That's right, ma, they got them there jeayet fueled generators". I don't know if there are any engineers in ear shot but jet fuled generators sounds like such an idiotic idea only the government would have it.

-- PD (, November 07, 1999


Were they gas turbine generators?

-- gary (, November 07, 1999.

You're right PD that is idiotic. I don't care if they use pig manure to run the goldang generators, as long as I still get my check!

"Jet-fueled" is probably just the government way of saying that they wasted an extra billion dollars instead of buying normal ones.

-- Granny (better.get@my.check), November 07, 1999.

Jet Fuel = Kerosene with a college degree.

-- Sam (, November 07, 1999.

Actually, jet fuel is low-grade kerosene. You can burn it in place of diesel and it's cheaper, too. Only thing is, you just can't find it at the local Texaco station.

-- rob minor (, November 08, 1999.

"Jet-fueled generator" is a technically ignorant way of saying gas- turbine generator burning jet fuel (kerosene). These things have been around for years and are becoming increasingly popular among utilities and power users with stand-alone capability requirements.

Among the utility companies the natural-gas fired versions are popular because of the low emmissions. Individual users; factories, large office complexes, military installations, and government facilities favor kerosene-fueled versions for fuel storage requirements and lake of dependence on natural gas systems.

And if SSA needs to refuel, there should be lots of Jet-A or Jet-B available at any nearby large airport.


-- Wildweasel (, November 08, 1999.

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