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I followed the directions carefully to fire up my aladdin genie lantern. I did pretty well and am giving it plenty of time to warm up during start up so I don't fry the mantle. However, i have noticed 1) the mantle doesn't seem to get pure white all over. the very top and very bottom 1/3" stay a light brown? is this normal? 2) when i turn it up higher a small brown spot begins to appear in the middle of the mantle--what is that? i generally turn it down because i am afraid that means the beginning of the end.

Thanks. Thanks also Mmmmmmmm for recommending to test preps. I followed your advice.

-- tt (, November 07, 1999


The mantel will not always turn completely white and the darker bottom is normal. The brown spots when you turn it higher is soot starting on the mantel. If you turn it down slightly the heat will burn the soot back off and turn it white again.wav

-- smfdoc (, November 07, 1999.


It is normal for the mantle not to get white all over. Don't overburn your mantles, or you'll end up cleaning or replacing your chimneys.

Another tip is to work out a nice system for refueling. For example, I have 2.5 gallons of the best lamp oil fitted with pump and nozzles assemblies (like for bulk shampoo) which I use to fill quart bottles. I refuel the aladdin tank with a siphon and the quart bottle and, thereby, avoid spills at every step. If you do get lamp oil or kerosene on your skin, wash the exposed area well with water and soap, or you could get some second degree chemical burns that look nasty.

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Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

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-- Stan Faryna (, November 07, 1999.

thanks for all the good info. i did manage to get a roaring fire in my lantern yesterday (great for keeping warm) when i DUH turned the little spigot OFF the WRONG WAY. i kept thinking "what have i done?" then i realized DUH. so anyway, i thought i fried the mantle since it was coal black--but i hadn't and it is fine. i can hardly wait to fire up my kerosene stove. i am sure i will burn down my house. i am going to put it on top of an asbestos platform and will keep it near the door so i can drag it out and throw it burning in the snow. :-) i hate this fossil fuel stuff. as a matter of fact, i hate just about everything about y2k.

-- tt (, November 08, 1999.

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