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I purchased whole dried milk for my kids (plus some parmalat/hersheys boxed milk) from Mountain House. I also noticed today in the grocery store in the foreign foods section that GOYA has some interesting products that seem to be manufactured for distribution overseas. some of these are usually unavailable on the shelves domestically or even lower prices than the domestic counterpart. one of the products i saw was WHOLE DRIED MILK. might be worth a purchase if you don't want to order big cans.

-- tt (cuddluppy@yahoo.com), November 07, 1999


Got a link for Mountain House?

-- Dennis (djolson@pressenter.com), November 07, 1999.

Do you have shelf life information on those products?

I've been storing nonfat dry milk to try to avoid oxidation of the butterfat.

-- Not Whistlin' Dixie (not_whistlin_dixie@yahoo.com), November 07, 1999.

Your purchase of whole dried milk should depend upon the time frame in which you plan on keeping it. In general, it will not store as well or as long as dried skim milk, which constitutes the instant milk one sees for sale at the grocery. This is due to the milkfat which cannot really be "dried" and will turn rancid after a time, even when canned.

-- PKM (.@...), November 07, 1999.

I use coffie creamer to put on my cold and hot cereal. It is delicious and tastes very creamy and is much cheaper than dried milk!!!!!

-- freddie (freddie@thefreeloader.com), November 08, 1999.

YO FREDDIE -- ISH!!!! haven't you seen that cat commercial? the old lady giving her cats creamer and water mixed. hmmmm....

the distributor i use for Mountain House stuff (they have been great to work with)is Harris Foods. 630-279-4826. It keeps for a year once you open it and for years wihtout being opened--just like any other dried food. Tell her Terri says hi.

another good alternative if you watch for it on sale (especially for kids) is the boxed milk. great for bug out bags.

-- tt (cuddluppy@yahoo.com), November 08, 1999.

freddie, oh freddie. i got thinking about that creamer. IT IS NON DAIRY. its oil and stuff. don't your bones need some calcium?

-- tt (cuddluppy@ish.com), November 08, 1999.

Their URL is:



They say that orders are increasing rapidly now, and they'll stop taking new orders sometime this month. Currently, they're giving 5% off orders of any size. (Not much, but what the hey...)

They have a large selection of goodies...

Check 'em out.

-- Dennis (djolson@cherco.net), November 08, 1999.

I have links for Mountain House and a number of storage food dealers in the newly released version 3.5 update of the Prudent Food Storage FAQ. There are instructions for how to package and store dry milk products as well.


The Prudent Food Storage FAQ, v3.5


-- A.T. Hagan (athagan@sprintmail.com), November 08, 1999.

Hey, Dennis!

The HOT LINK didn't work. Would you please try again??

-- debbie danneman (ddac82@yahoo.com), November 12, 1999.

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