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Safeway the last two weeks of this year!

This is a line from a fellow GI named Peter, and a very effective one!

Non-preparers may still get that the grocery stores will be crowded with holiday shoppers and those wierdos who MIGHT PANIC THE LAST WEEK OR TWO! Good reason to stock up ahead for then... This line has actually worked for me.

End game moves.......

-- seraphima (, November 07, 1999


Oh, well if Peter says so than I guess it must be true.

-- (are@you.thinking.before you post?), November 07, 1999.

Never mind the normal "holiday" shopping/stockpiling that goes on. You know, when mom goes out and buys enough food to feed an Army? Imagine all of that, combined with the 'panic shoppers' fearful of Y2K should bring back memories of the "Cabbage Patch Riots" of the mid eighties, except instead fighting over a nasty looking doll, people'll be brawling for cans of Green Giant, Toilet Paper, and other non-perishables.

-- Billy Boy (, November 07, 1999.

Dear Are,

At this point another end game move is not to name GIs by their full name on the internet...lots of wierdos out there. So why aren't you using your full name?


-- seraphima (, November 07, 1999.


The same reason I don't post my home telephone numbers all over the city I live in. Because I don't want to be contacted by anyone I don't want to be contacted by. There something wrong with not wanting to be spammed?

-- ('re still not thinking before you post), November 07, 1999.

Oh, I'll probably go to Safeway (grocery chain) during the last two weeks...generally in there 2-3 times per week nowadays. The folks there know me, my buying patterns and a couple of them picked up on what I'm doing and started preps. A little dangerous, granted, but then they don't know where I live.

Oh, I must be evil....I just had this wicked borrow my friends pickup, fill the back of it with a pile of lightwieght stuff and then cover that with "stuff" with misc. boxes, bags and cans of food so it looks like I've filled the bed. Park it outside of Safeway on Dec. 28th, run in, buy a basket of stuff, run outside pushing the cart, pick it up and dump the contents in the bed of the truck and run inside for more. Do this a few more times.

Okay, okay....yes, it would be akin to shouting fire! in an inappro place. I definitly won't do this....but it would be an interesting experiment to see if the sheeple react at all. I also promise not to go in wearing full biodefense gear and a gas mask (was tempted on Halloween though...:@).

-- Don Kulha (, November 07, 1999.

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